Stalingrad the First Russian Movie Shot in 3D for an IMAX Release


At REDucation’s Open House last summer in Los Angeles, attendees were privileged to see a short preview of Fedor Bondarchuk’s Stalingrad in 3D. The Russian movie was shot on RED EPICs with 3Ality 3D rigs. Now that the film has an international distributor, a wider audience will get to experience what Open House attendees saw.

In the short preview screened at RED’s Open House, the battle scenes were both enormous in scope and intimate in detail. In The Hollywood Reporter, director Bondarchuk confirms his intention was to use 3D to intensify the emotions of the actors:

It was interesting and emotional for us to see the close-up [in 3D] of an actor who is working and feeling. I connect emotionally. … This is the way I push a little bit hard to get out emotions.

For me [3D] was a completely new experiment. [I found] there is a difference [in how] the emotions of the actors [are conveyed].

Likewise, the atmospheric effects — smoke and debris — were treated with great care: “We tested it very carefully — different types of ashes and smoke and sand — to understand how it was going to work.” At RED’s open house, 3Ality CEO Steve Schklair gave more insight on the true-to-life look of the battle scene: the fire and explosions were real.

Stalingrad will be distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing International starting October 10 in Russia.