Sound Devices Unveils New 4:4:4 Feature for PIX 240 and 240i

Video Recorders Can Now Record 12-Bit, 4:4:4 Content to Apple ProRes 4444

(Reedsburg, WI) Sound Devices, announces its latest major upgrade to the PIX
240 and PIX 240i Production Video Recorders. This new update, available for
all PIX customers free of charge, offers Apple ProRes 4444 recording from video
sources over 3G-SDI (4:4:4 RGB or YCbCr). Recording 4:4:4 offers productions
superior color precision for applications in chroma-keying, color-grading and
multi-generational editing.

PIX 240 and 240i users now have the ability to record into Apple ProRes 4444,
which offers impressive quality with 4:4:4 sources and workflows involving alpha
channel transparency. With its 12-bit, 4:4:4 capability, the PIX 240 and 240i
can record 330-Mbps Apple ProRes 4444 files that are perceptually indistinguishable
from the original source material. Popular cameras with 4:4:4 capable outputs
include the ARRI ALEXA, Canon C500 and Sony F3.

"Sound Devices is pleased to announce this latest firmware update, which
brings Apple ProRes 4444 recording over 3G-SDI to the PIX 240 and 240i,"
says Paul Isaacs, Technical Development Manager, Sound Devices. "The additional
color accuracy available in a 4:4:4 environment reinforces that the PIX recorder
is a master-grade production recorder suitable for the most demanding production

Additional features available in this latest v3.0 firmware update include time-code
and recording status displays on the SDI and HDMI outputs, up to 500 ms of audio
delay to compensate for multi-device picture delay, and selectable 4:4:4 or
4:2:2 video output independent from the source material.

Users can connect PIX 240 and 240i to cameras with HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, or HDMI
and record directly to QuickTime using a range of different Apple ProRes or
Avid DNxHD codecs, including Apple ProRes 4444. Since PIX recorders use ProRes
and DNxHD, files recorded in the field can be used directly in post production,
making for simpler, faster workflows.

The PIX 240i’s high-performance five-inch, IPS-based LCD display is an
accurate field monitor, providing users with immediate confirmation of framing,
exposure, focus, audio metering, and setup menu selections. It offers excellent
color accuracy and contrast, great off-axis visibility, and accurate motion

The built-in hardware scaler and frame rate converter allows PIX to output
and record material at different resolutions and frame rates than supported
by the camera. Conversion between HD and SD, with and without anamorphic conversion,
is available.

The audio circuitry of the PIX recorders is based on Sound Devices’ award-winning
7-Series digital audio recorders. The low-noise (-128 dBu EIN), high-headroom,
high-bandwidth inputs are mic/line switchable and include limiters, high-pass
filters and phantom power.

The HDMI-only PIX 220 and PIX 220i video recorders also gain new features available
in the new version 3.0 update, including Apple ProRes 4444 recording, time-code
and recording status displays on HDMI outputs, and up to 500 ms of audio delay
to compensate for multi-device picture delay.