SIGGRAPH 2017 | Experience: Inside the Academy

Curious About the Academy Awards®

Discover What Leads to Scientific and Technical Award or Oscar® Recognition
In partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, SIGGRAPH 2017 will present TWO EXCLUSIVE PANELS designed to peel back the curtain of the industry’s most highly coveted honor. Expert panelists include:
  • Doug Roble, Creative Director of Software at Digital Domain, Inc., Academy Science and Technology Council Member
  • Beverly J. Wood, BJWOOD Consultant, LLC and Academy Science and Technology Council Member
  • Barbara Ford Grant, VP of Digital Production Services, HBO
  • Brian Whited, Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Marcos Fajardo, Solid Angle
  • Mandy Walker ASC, ACS, Cinematographer, “Hidden Figures”
  • Chris LeDoux, Visual Effects Supervisor, “Hidden Figures”
  • And more!
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