SDVI Enhances Rally Core Platform, Updates UI, and Expands Partner Ecosystem

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Dec. 8, 2020 — SDVI, the industry’s leading supplier of cloud-native media supply chain solutions, today announced an array of enhancements that ensure its Rally Media Supply Chain Platform continues to address the latest technical and operational requirements of media organizations. SDVI has enhanced the core Rally platform, updated its UI, and completed third-party technology integrations, supporting the expansion of the Rally Application Services Market.

“Customer feedback and the requirements of new production use cases guide our ongoing updates to Rally,” said SDVI Chief Product Officer Simon Eldridge. “We continually evaluate and improve both the core platform and the user experience so that our customers can realize ever-greater efficiency in implementing the media workflows that drive their business. By expanding Rally’s already-impressive Application Services Market, we’re also providing customers with the widest array of leading technologies in the industry, which they can leverage to attain the right functionality at the right scale.”

Core Platform Enhancements
The Rally platform’s analytics engine now brings the functionality of its job reporting to its asset reporting. In addition to enabling cross-department reporting, delivery-based reporting, and many other analytics use cases, asset reports now also include the cost the user has incurred for these assets over time.

Rally Access — supporting metadata-driven content verification in Adobe Premiere Pro — now features support for Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 and Adobe’s new panel APIs, so operators can take advantage of new Premiere features while still using time-based Rally metadata to QC content manually or create new compliance and edit versions.

Updates to the Rally Gateway™ media submission and management portal include the addition of File Upload widgets that streamline the upload process and automate the renaming of uploaded files to prevent accidental overwriting of similarly named files from various suppliers. An Upload Collector simplifies the organization of uploaded files and validation of user-supplied metadata.

Rally UI Updates
Pages in the Rally UI have been updated to enable a denser display of information on a single screen as users create supply chains and configure infrastructure. A new Job Summary widget allows operators to create multiple custom job dashboards within Rally Gateway and adapt the front end to their exact monitoring needs. Information on the Jobs page now includes all available artifacts for the jobs (error messages, rendered presets, analysis and QC data, and more). A new and improved Asset Status implementation enables different departments inside a media company to control the asset status display for different, often parallel, supply chains, allowing operators to monitor and manipulate the complete life cycle of an asset without the need to navigate to any other portion of Rally.

Extended Application Services Support
SDVI has extended the Rally partner ecosystem — the Application Services Market — to support new technologies, as well as new features within existing partner integrations.

Rally now supports the Azure Video Indexer, an ML provider by Microsoft Azure that enables object, person, text, spoken word, and emotion detection in proxy video stored on Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. SDVI has enhanced Rally’s video intelligence adapter to support celebrity recognition syntax in Google Cloud Video Intelligence, and Rally’s Rekognition provider now implements the Amazon Rekognition Segment Detection feature. Rally’s internal SecretStore service already stores information for accessing AWS Parameter Store, and it is newly enhanced to support secrets from the AWS Secrets Manager, as well.

SDVI has also updated FFmpeg implementation with Rally to simplify transfer of a regular FFmpeg command line into the Rally environment and to support running multiple FFmpeg commands in a single Rally job. The Piksel Fuse IQ provider now includes PDF reports (generated by the provider) and bounding box information, stored within Rally and available in supply chain steps, to enable automatic stitching of full textless versions, as well as the import of data into Adobe Premiere using Rally Access. Support for the latest version of Cinnafilm Wormhole enables time compression with a “sheet” input that informs Cinnafilm Wormhole how to time-compress different segments within the source.

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About SDVI
SDVI is an Emmy® Award-winning supplier of cloud-based media supply chain technology that empowers organizations to optimize content ingest, processing, creation, and distribution operations. The company’s Rally media supply chain platform helps organizations create a scalable and responsive infrastructure that provides true technical agility, operational efficiency, and business growth. SDVI is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California, with offices in the U.S. and Europe.

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