Run and Gun Lighting Solution: Lowel Pro Power LED

At the 2015 PhotoPlus Expo in Manhattan, New York, and HD Pro Guide Magazine visit the Tiffen exhibit at booth 243 to take a look at the Lowel lights and kits on display. Duane Sherwood shows us run and gun lighting solution, the Lowel Pro Power LED.

Duane Sherwood

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Lowel Pro Power LED Features:

* Powerful location LED in high quality Daylight or Tungsten, dimmable without color shift
* PRO Power LED’s beautiful fresnel output focuses wide and smooth, or tight and punchy
* Output comparable to 200 W tungsten halogen fixture with same focus range and beam angle
* Flicker-free Slo-mo, to 2350 + fps
* Powered by AC or Long Life accessory DC Battery, for on-stand or run and gun handheld use
* Light Controls include: Barndoors, gel frame, softbox, umbrella, and screwthread filters
* Kit combinations available

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Photos taken by Jody Michelle Solis, Editor-in-Chief, and HD Pro Guide Magazine.