RTVE Chooses Flowics to Maximize Interactivity With Audiences at the Summer Games in Tokyo

BARCELONA, Spain — Aug. 6, 2021 — Flowics, the most comprehensive platform for powering remote and in-studio production of live graphics and interactive content, announced today that it has closed a deal with Spain’s RTVE to deploy Flowics’ cloud-based platform to produce sports content for linear TV and RTVE Play – the company’s OTT media service – during the summer games in Tokyo.

The Flowics platform offers RTVE’s audience new forms of interactivity through multiple channels – social media, web pages, and apps – establishing two-way communication with viewers. This agreement follows the successful implementation of Flowics’ Second Screen module to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Spain’s first international soccer match with a campaign called “The Team of Our Life.” The audience chose the historical players who should make up the ideal selection for the country. Over 10 days, RTVE invited fans to a microsite, where they could choose 11 out of 66 available players. The campaign garnered 4.5 million votes in only 10 days. This success led RTVE to extend the Flowics platform for the summer games in Tokyo and for all of its sports programming.

RTVE’s goal for the summer games is to give wider visibility to Spanish athletes, enhancing the media coverage with content from social networks and data-driven, cloud-based graphics, both on RTVE’s linear and digital TV channels as well as on the group’s website and social media networks.

“The daily polls during the summer games in Tokyo show our commitment to 360 content,” said RTVE Digital Content Director Alberto Fernández. “After the polls are launched on social media, the results are read live by the commentators on RTVE Play. Users can also vote online, and the results are fed to linear TV programs.”

“The effort to bring content closer to the audience is clearly beneficial when it comes to a topic that arouses as much passionate engagement as sports,” said Flowics Business Development Manager, Southern Europe, German Caparroz. “This initiative could be revolutionary for Spanish sports journalists. After the summer games, RTVE will continue to use the Flowics platform across multiple channels. We can’t wait to see what they do next.”

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About Flowics
Flowics makes the most comprehensive cloud-based platform for powering remote and in-studio production of live graphics and interactive content for linear and OTT broadcasters. Trusted by more than 50 television networks across the U.S., Latin America, and Europe, Flowics works with broadcasters and producers in the sports, media, and entertainment industry to help them streamline their production workflows and add a layer of interactivity to their programming to retain and monetize viewers across all digital environments. The Flowics platform enables customers to create and remotely operate live graphics and interactive experiences for social media, broadcast, live streaming, websites, apps, or venues. www.flowics.com

About RTVE
RTVE is a state trading company that organizes the indirect management of the public radio and television service in Spain. The corporation’s audiovisual services are divided into the Televisión Española (TVE) division, the Radio Nacional de España (RNE) division, and RTVE Digital division. www.rtve.es/

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Video Description: Flowics’ Second Screen module was used for RTVE’s “The Team of Our Life” campaign, which got 4.5 million votes in only 10 days.

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