Rotolight Interview Kit Distributed by R.T.S

Rotolight x 2! Rotolight’s most popular kit, as well as their most completely outfitted kit, all in a convenient carry belt pouch! This is a kit that can take you from a single light, simple portraiture setup, to a dual light, multi-angle shoot. The evenly dispersed shadowless ringlight beam is an ample 110 degrees, as opposed to the mere 55 degrees as found on other on or off camera LED lighting systems.


The Rotolight Interview kit offers extreme versatility, and is ideal for HD cinematography, videography, ENG, or HD-DSLR photography. Delivering studio calibrated daylight and tungsten color, as well as dimming and diffusion, the Interview Kit also includes a 10 piece color FX kit by Lee, for both keylight or superb creative sidefill color FX, and cosmetic skin tone enhancement.

The super-wide 110 degree beam of the Rotolight literally wraps around the subject, creating a beautiful shadowless effect. (Many flat panel LED lighting systems offer a 55 degrees.)

In addition, because of this ultra wide angle, Rotolight can be mounted on a DSLR shoe mount, and still provide that perfect ringlight effect, of course without the annoying red-eye, or blink response.

Rotolight can be mounted via shotgun mic, or using the Rotolight stand (included), to an accessory shoe for use with camcorders or DSLR cameras, tripods, lighting stands, or rail support systems. In addition, Rotolight’s many mounting accessories allow a virtually unlimited selection of ways to affix the Rotolight to just about any surface or mounting system.

R.T.S. is the U.S. importer distributor of Rotolight LED on camera and studio lighting.  For more information, visit and

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