Rohde and Schwarz demonstrates high reliability and innovative technology at IBC2023

Rohde & Schwarz, a global leader in broadcast distribution and a trusted partner in media solutions, will be demonstrating how network operators and content providers can leverage 5G Broadcast technology for new business opportunities. Addressing the media production and playout industry Rohde & Schwarz will exhibit how their state-of-the-art media solutions provide speed, security, and scalability in an increasingly complex environment.

“Over the past years we have proven that 5G Broadcast is ideal to transmit any kind of data to large audiences, complementing existing terrestrial and mobile network distribution. Various application scenarios have been validated in field tests using our equipment,” said Manfred Reitmeier, Vice President Broadcast and Amplifier Systems at Rohde & Schwarz. “Now it is time to enter the next phase, developing business cases and preparing network plannings.”

Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate the latest technology developments and provide answers on how network operators and content distributors can increase their reach and target new customer groups. Technology and value chain partners will join the R&S experts’ team on the booth and give insights into the future of 5G Broadcast.

As a global leader in broadcast distribution, Rohde & Schwarz is committed to continuously developing its offering to address broadcasters’ needs today and into the future. R&S® TH1, the latest software-defined transmitter, will be on display and showcase its agile support across a wide range of formats, including the rapidly emerging 5G Broadcast. Engineered with performance, sustainability, resilience and efficiency in mind, the R&S® TH1 provides lower energy consumption and shapes a more sustainable future.

“The media industry is confronted with significant challenges in audience behavior and technological transformation,” highlighted Thorsten Sauer, Vice President Media Solutions at Rohde & Schwarz. “This is why our portfolio is focused on flexible solutions providing the highest degree of operational resilience and security.”

Rohde & Schwarz will exhibit their entire product line addressing these real business and technical challenges faced by the media industry. Being part of a large, privately-owned technology provider, and having its own network and cyber security unit, the broadcast and media division has stable and secure operation of its products engrained in the DNA.

“From our Gallium StreamMaster Playout solutions which power the most complex workflows of national broadcasters to the award-winning R&S®SpycerNode2 media storage solution, leveraging HPC (High Performance Computing) technology and VSA (Virtual Storage Access) – the most demanding and leading broadcasters and studios rely on the performance and reliability of our media solutions,” Thorsten Sauer concluded.

To learn more about stability, reliability, and innovation, visit Rohde & Schwarz at stand 7.B21 during IBC2023. Alternatively, visit for additional information.


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Shaping a sustainable and connected future 

5G Broadcast

Rohde & Schwarz has led the industry in demonstrating the remarkable potential for 5G Broadcast through real-world demonstrations and practical solutions worldwide. At IBC2023, it will be demonstrating how network operators and content providers can leverage 5G Broadcast for new business opportunities. The technology will enable broadcast network operators and content providers to increase their target audience by addressing mobile devices via multicast signal. Additional use-cases in data casting will unlock further business potential beyond the traditional video transmission.

“5G Broadcast is a remarkably powerful new technology available to operators of broadcast transmitter networks,” said Manfred Reitmeier, Vice President Broadcast and Amplifiers at Rohde & Schwarz. “It is important that network operators understand the exciting potential of new opportunities it brings about, both in media and in added value services. Combine that with the dramatic reductions in power consumption and carbon footprint of our new generation transmitters, and the future is very positive indeed.”

TH1 transmitter 
Next to the 5G Broadcast demonstration, Rohde & Schwarz will present the R&S®TH1 transmitter platform, which offers a remarkable boost in efficiency in operation. Typical users will see a reduction of as much as 50% in power consumption and carbon footprint over previous generations of transmitters, delivering sustainability, efficiency, reliability, as well as high availability.

The software-defined architecture of the transmitter allows it to automate much of the monitoring and maintenance, making it self-reliant wherever possible, and sending detailed fault reports to a central engineering point when needed.


Delivering a complete range of solutions addressing the media industry’s most challenging demands 

Gallium StreamMaster 

Absolute security, consistency and precision is also at the heart of the Rohde & Schwarz playout solution, built on StreamMaster and Gallium technologies. The architecture represents the ultimate flexibility, allowing users to precisely establish the functionality they require in any environment. Full asset management is incorporated, allowing any registered asset to follow a unique workflow. This provides the customer with a simple way to create new content for different platforms like OTT or VOD alongside their linear playout solutions, without any operational overheads. With Gallium orchestrated workflows, StreamMaster is the media processing engine to execute these instructions from simulcast for SD or HD, or compositing UHD channels to perform faster than real time transcoding or used as an engine for graphic generation. Leading tier-one broadcasters around the globe rely on Gallium StreamMaster to provide the flexibility required in today’s market, along with the reassuring knowledge of the same software-defined application used to process all these various jobs.


As facilities become busier with an increasing diversification of used signal types, monitoring is a growing challenge. Rohde & Schwarz understands this and offers a unique approach to monitoring and multiviewing. R&S® PRISMON is designed from the ground up as a networked software application which is fully scalable and highly flexible. A single platform supports all signal types (SDI, ST2110 and a wide range of compressed IP and OTT flavors) and allows for large numbers of flexible display layouts. Even high processing situations, such as monitoring large numbers of Ultra HD channels, are simplified through the intelligence in the processing which ensures that each signal is only received once and then shared across the network, significantly reducing the overall network and system load. For IBC2023, Rohde & Schwarz will introduce a new simplified and harmonized license scheme for R&S®PRISMON which will further support broadcasters when transitioning from legacy to IP-based infrastructures.


To meet the demands of various levels of content production, R&S®SpycerNode2 is a comprehensive re-architecting of the popular storage solution. The new version builds on the proven platform by offering NVME caching to drive performance in any creative application. High resilience and scalability, from a few terabytes to exabytes, are key to helping customers grow while securely protecting their media assets.

With its integrated SpycerPAM asset and workflow management software, even users in the largest enterprises find the system simple to navigate and use, while ensuring high security in multi-tenant applications. Technically, the emphasis is on safety, security and reliability, with unique Rohde & Schwarz applications ensuring unmatched data integrity and automated recovery and self-healing.


R&S®CLIPSTER, widely recognized as the gold standard for premium content mastering, sees the release of its latest software version, 6.9.4. Along with numerous user experience improvements, there has been major updates to both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support. Customers will be able to leverage the very latest developments of these technologies directly within R&S®CLIPSTER. Leading global studios trust R&S®CLIPSTER to easily master the most complex of deliverables – consistently and reliably.


R&S®VENICE provides an ingest to playout content store and is a highly interoperable and reliable system – it is designed with an API-first approach to fit into any environment and workflow. With VSA (Virtual Storage Access) technology unique to Rohde & Schwarz, R&S®VENICE eliminates the risk of interruption to running media transfers. Tier-one creative agencies and broadcasters trust R&S®VENICE to guarantee high availability in their productions and ensure no black-on-air scenarios.