RIST Forum Established With 21 Members, Promotes Interoperable Internet Video Transport Solution at NAB 2019

Champaign, Ill. – The RIST Forum was established today with 21 founding companies to promote the Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST), a new interoperable and royalty free standard for low-latency video transport over unmanaged networks for contribution and distribution applications. In its efforts to promote worldwide adoption of RIST, the new industry association engages both users and vendors of RIST technology and products.

The RIST Forum will host a free panel discussion during the 2019 NAB Show on April 9, at 2 p.m. in the South Hall Learning Lab, Room S210, in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Representatives from members Cobalt Digital, Net Insight, VideoFlow, and Zixi will provide a detailed overview of the technology, as well as plans for further adoption of the standard. NAB attendees are encouraged to register for the panel at www.rist.tv/register-for-nab-2019-panel.

RIST was developed by an activity group within the Video Services Forum, combining more than 300 years of industry experience to provide the foundation for interoperability and a technically robust design. It was demonstrated publicly for the first time at IBC 2018, with the RIST Simple Profile Specification published in October 2018 (as VSF TR-06-1). The protocol has now been subject to numerous interoperability tests, in which implementations from Artel, Cobalt Digital, DVEO, Evertz, Net Insight, Nevion, QVidium, VideoFlow, and Zixi have already shown interoperability. There is also an open source VLC player with technology contributed by DVEO.

“We are proud to announce the RIST Forum and encourage users, manufacturers, and industry professionals to join us,” said Jacob Kinsey, RIST Forum co-chair. “We want to help broadcasters and other content providers lose the packet loss. RIST is a technically robust solution co-developed by a large number of vendors, ensuring interoperability and enabling future innovation, and it’s really in a category of its own in terms of ease of adoption.”

Current members include Amagi, Artel, Ateme, Cobalt Digital, Crystal, DVEO, Evertz, Haivision, Happy Robotz, MVA Broadcast Consulting, Mankin Media, Media Transport Solutions, Net Insight, Nevion, Qvidium, Sencore, Synamedia, Telecom Product Consulting, VideoFlow, Zayo, and Zixi. For more information, visit www.rist.tv.

About RIST Forum
The RIST Forum is a nonprofit organization that strives to make the world adopt the Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) interoperable standard for transporting live video over unmanaged networks. Established as a collaborative, nonprofit organization, the RIST Forum is a true community that’s engaging both users and vendors of RIST technology and RIST products.

Follow us on Twitter @RISTForum, LinkedIn @RIST Forum, and get involved at www.rist.tv.

For further information about RIST Forum, please contact:

Jacob Kinsey, Co-chair RIST Forum, [email protected] or
Alexander Sandstrom, Co-chair RIST Forum, [email protected]