Riedel Delivers IP Solutions for High-Profile Quince Imaging Esports Event in Just Three Weeks

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Photo Caption: Quince Imaging deployed Riedel MediorNet FusioN 6B edge devices and a VirtU 48-S IP core infrastructure platform for high-profile esports event.

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Photo Caption: Riedel MediorNet FusioN 6B Edge Devices 

WUPPERTAL, Germany April 16, 2023 — Riedel Communications today announced that Quince Imaging, provider of high-resolution holographic displays and visually stunning esports events for over 25 years, has deployed multiple MediorNet FusioN 6B edge devices and a VirtU 48-S IP core infrastructure platform for one of its latest high-profile esports projects. In preparing for the event, Quince Imaging needed to establish signals to 24 4K UHD Panasonic laser projectors distributed throughout the arena within three weeks. Under this tight deadline, and to manage the project adequately, the team needed a standards-based, unified, comprehensive solution rather than relying on a connected system of single-purpose devices.

“It was critical we had an end-to-end solution that could simultaneously route, extend, and convert 4K video with minimal setup time and cabling for a quick turn at a temporary venue,” stated Eric Gazzillo, Vice President, Quince Imaging. “There are very few options for end-to-end solutions, especially with a short timeline, and Riedel was the only one who could deliver.”

Riedel’s solution was a relatively small and flexible setup consisting of 40 MediorNet FusioN 6B edge devices paired with a single, 1-RU VirtU 48-S IP core infrastructure platform and an assortment of SFPs plus lots of fiber. The MediorNet FusioN edge devices allowed for easy third-party operation and provided high-quality Cinema 4K video throughout the large venue, while the VirtU 48-S became the backbone of the system and handily distributed the video and control signals as required throughout the space.

Approximately half of the FusioNs performed the necessary HDMI/12G-to-IP ST 2110 conversions from the Disguise media server’s HMDI output ports. The newly converted ST 2110 signals were able to easily traverse the venue via fiber, simplifying cabling. The other half of the FusioNs converted the ST 2110 signals back to cinema resolution (4K 12G/SDI) to feed the volumetric projectors placed around the venue. These small FusioNs were tied to the projectors, even in difficult positions such as up on trusses, minimizing any cable runs. Overall, the FusioN edge devices paired with the VirtU 48-S streamlined the live event production work, enabling high-resolution workflows for the high-end event by using 4K and volumetric projection for larger-than-life, stunning results.

“With Riedel, everything just worked,” said Liam O’Hanlon, Director of Engineering, Quince Imaging. “Not only did the Riedel FusioN solution work so well, but the packaging and delivery of the product were incredible and the nicest I’ve ever seen. Riedel was easy to get in touch with directly, and the commissioning of the product was extremely smooth. We’re grateful they were able to help us manage such a major opportunity in a tight turnaround.”

“We are happy the solution worked so well for Quince Imaging, and we are proud that our amazing manufacturing team allowed us to deliver a quality product on time, despite the ongoing supply chain issues, leading to a smooth and successful installation,” said Dave Caulwell, Regional Sales Director, Riedel Communications North America. “We look forward to helping Quince with future projects.”

Further information about Riedel and the company’s products is available at www.riedel.net.

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