Renowned Photographers Offer Knowledge and Inspiration During Daily Keynote Presentations at WPPI 2017

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) announced its lineup of keynote presentations during the annual Conference + Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, February 5-9, 2017. Renowned photographers, educators, and inspirational speakers Jerry Ghionis, Sue Bryce, and Me Ra Koh will present the keynote each morning from February 7-9, respectively.  All keynote presentations will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 8:30—10:00 a.m. On Monday morning, February 6, Jason Groupp, WPPI Director of Education and Membership, and Jacqueline Tobin, Editor of Rangefinder magazine, will kick off the keynote series with an overview of activities for the week ahead and present work from recipients of the 2016 “30 Rising Stars in Wedding Photography.” A Full Platform Pass is required to attend any/all keynote presentations at WPPI 2017.

The keynotes at WPPI will give attendees an opportunity to draw on knowledge and inspiration from three industry icons who have the uncanny ability to rejuvenate the creative juices of everyone in attendance. Presenters will share a variety of topics including lessons learned over their long and illustrious careers, how to build self-confidence, and how to make your dreams of building a successful business a reality. Attendees are encouraged to kick back and relax with their favorite morning beverage, and learn how each keynote’s success story can be transformed into one their own.

“We are very excited about the lineup of keynote presenters we have scheduled for WPPI 2017,” said Jason Groupp, WPPI Director of Education and Membership. “Their individual accomplishments and collective experience will provide attendees with a level of inspiration and insight that is unprecedented.”

Keynote Presentations and Schedule

All keynotes will be presented each day from 8:30-10:00 a.m. at the Las Vegas Convention Center / Room N109-114.

Monday, February 6

WPPI Primer and Rangefinder’s “30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography”

Jacqueline Tobin and Jason Groupp

Join Rangefinder editor Jacqueline Tobin and WPPI Director of Education Jason Groupp as they share the extensive lineup of events and activities occurring at WPPI 2017. The duo will also share a selection of inspiring and award-winning images from recipients of Rangefinder’s annual “30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography.”

Tuesday, February 7 (8:30-10:00 a.m.)

Greatest Hits with Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis

Sponsored by Nikon

Wednesday, February 8 (8:30-10:00 a.m.)

When am I good enough to get PAID?

Sue Bryce

Sponsored by Canon

Thursday, February 9 (8:30-10:00 a.m.)

To Stretch but Not Break: A Candid Look at the Ups and Downs of Building Your Photography Dream

Me Ra Koh

Sponsored by Sony

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