REMO30. Pan & Tilt Remote Head- Capture your imagination from start to finish.


Every ideal pan, tilt, diagonal movement and speed can be achieved by combining the power of quality pan/ tilt motors and speed dials. The REMO30 is a high-grade, high-performance pan & tilt remote head that exceeds expectations by delivering the shot you intended.

The REMO30 is equipped with a unique drive system that transmits motor power accuracy. The REMO30 ensures a perfect camera balance and offers smooth camerawork at all times. For center of gravity positioning, fine tune adjustments can be achieved with the tilt arm at 90 degrees.

Equipped with an 80mm/3″ sliding adapter plate, an operator can properly balance any DV camera for smooth pan & tilt operations within its payload range 6kg / 13lb. In addition, when mounted upside down, you can achieve a complete bird’s-eye shot.

Tangle-free cabling. A smart and simple cable design guides the cables to be routed through the cable leads to prevent tangling when panning or tilting.

All-in-one cable connections. Pan & tilt controls, LANC, and monitor cables are combined in a single control cable. A pan & tilt head and control box can also be connected with this single cable.

The REMO30 is equipped with a Pan & Tilt Lock System that allows an operator to lock pan and tilt motions. This enables you to focus on a single moving direction for an accurate pan or tilt operation. It is dust and splash proof and can tolerate outdoor shootings under severe climate conditions.

The REMO30’s Control Box allows the operator to fine tune all pan & tilt remote head operations. This includes the use of an infinite variable speed controlled by a joystick and speed dials.

The Control Box can be conveniently clamped onto a jib handle or remotely on other support handles. It is equipped with all video connections including LANC and monitors access and powered by both DC and V-mount Batteries.

Various cables and adapters included. A variety of cables and adapters are bundled to accommodate every shooting condition. Ideal for remote operations, control cables can be connected to extend up to 30m/98.5ft in length.

This Universal Pan & Tilt Remote Head can also be used with other equipment such as tripods and jib arms you may already own. It offers flexible mounting on most 75mm/100mm jib arms and tripods.

Includes: REMO30 Pan & Tilt Remote Head, Control Box, Cables, Adaptors, Carrying Case.

  • AC/DC Adaptor
  • 5m/16.5ft Control Cable for Remote Head, LANC, and monitor
  • 5m/16.5ft HDMI Cable
  • 1m/3.3ft LANC Cable
  • 1m/3.3ft BNC Cable
  • BNC to RCA Adaptor
  • HDMI to Mini-HDMI Adaptor
  • Hard Case




REMO30. Pan & Tilt Remote Head- Capture your imagination from start to finish.