Quasar Science Advanced Studio Lighting Instruments: The RR100 and RR50

The RR100 and RR50 Linear LED Lights are elegant, compact and filled with new features. This sleek design advances Quasar’s tubular form factor by doubling the width but retaining the low profile shape that gets the RR into all the same tight spaces as legacy Quasar lights.

Affectionately dubbed the “Double Rainbow,” the RR has two rows of pixels expanding the animation and FX capabilities, making them ideal for video playback, process car work and special lighting effects. The new shape nearly doubles the output of the original Rainbow and the new electronic design gives incredible low end intensity control producing an imprectible value from zero percent.

As for connectivity, the RR can be controlled with sACN & Artnet through its built in ethernet node and network switch as well as traditional DMX protocol. Wireless control via CRMX, WIFI or Bluetooth, allowing you to connect with practically any lighting app out there.

The new Ossium Mounting System, with multiple industry standard attachments like baby pins and baby receivers, makes the rigging options endless. A V-lock battery adapter is available for on-the-go filming. The RR has integrated AC power supply and auxiliary DC input.

With the Swaptics™ Interchangeable Lens system, the RR can be fitted with the slim diffuser (included), the Light Barrel™ large diffuser and the Light Magnifier™ projection lens.

The RR is jam packed with advanced capabilities that will push your lighting creativity into a new realm.





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