Product Spotlight: Chimera Lighting RingMAXX

Chimera Lighting’s RingMAXX is designed in collaboration with Visionary Jarmo Pohjaniemi. There are two versions of the RingMAXX. One for still photography allowing four strobes to be placed in the RingMAXX. The other is a high heat version for video which also accommodates four lights. The RingMAXX has an optional custom designed yoke for optimal support or two c-stands can be used. The rear of the RingMAXX has zippered openings allowing an ideal fit for a variety of lights. Chimera Lighting recommends the Triolet with 500 or 1000 watt bulbs or your 200 watt HMI of choice for daylight shooting. The RingMAXX will find usage in high end portrait studios and on sets for beauty commercials.


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