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Pro Sound Effects Education Spotlight: Foothill College

Education is a key mission for Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound library company. The company’s robust academic licensing program helps educational clients like Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California develop the next generation of sounds designers and audio professionals using the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library.

“When I started here at Foothill, I really wanted to bring a professional production workflow to the film and game programs,” said Eric Kuehnl, Music Technology Instructor at Foothill. “The depth and quality of the Hybrid Library is really impressive and having access to an awesome sounding library of sound effects really helps students understand the type of quality that is expected in a professional production environment.”

Foothill’s Music Technology program, which boasts over 40 classes offered in music, composition, sound design, and game audio, hosts more than 450 students who work on a variety of projects depending on the course. Sound Design for Film & Video students, for example, complete a number of short film projects where they begin from silence and create a complete soundtrack:  Foley, backgrounds, hard FX, vehicles, and even ADR, pulling the majority of the raw sound assets from the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library. The Game Audio students, on the other hand, typically work on a single large game project for each of three courses, with most of the game sound design done in Pro Tools, again using the Hybrid Library for raw assets.

“In the beginning, it was very frustrating to watch students sift through a lot of useless sounds using free online resources,” adds Kuehnl. “They would struggle to complete even the most basic sound design project because they were wasting so much time trying to find something that worked. Once we got the Hybrid Library, students were able to focus on the task at hand, rather than wasting time trying to find useable assets.”

Key to the success of the program is the Pro Sound Effects licensing program. “My first call was to PSE to find out what kind of academic licensing bundles were available. It turned out the Hybrid Library offered the perfect balance of depth and affordability. And the annual payment structure was essential to fitting the cost into our modest budget. It’s really not an exaggeration to say that these programs were built around our relationship with PSE.”

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