Preco Introduces AVT MAGIC TH6 Six-Line Broadcast Talk-Show Phone System

Preco (Broadcast Systems) announces the AVT MAGIC TH6 six-line broadcast talk-show phone system. This can be operated with standard voice-grade telephone lines or as a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hybrid. Up to six callers may be assigned separate audio lines feeding a studio mixing console. Alternatively, the audio lines can be configured as Pretalk, Hold and On-air. Callers can be switched in Pretalk and On-air conference mode. An external or recorded Hold signal can be configured. A call-forwarding function forwards callers to a manually dialed or pre-stored number.

The system incorporates two analogue and four digital (2 x AES/EBU) audio lines. Additional interfaces for the connection of two handsets or headsets are available at the rear of the unit to handle Pretalk locations.

The MAGIC TH6 telephone hybrid can be configured and controlled via Microsoft Windows compatible PC software supplied with each system. A graphical user interface displays all caller lines and their current line status. The software is optimised for touchscreen operation. Callers are accepted by pressing the Pretalk, Hold or On-air button. Each caller’s telephone number or name can be viewed in a corresponding information field. A level meter and level control allow easy adjustment of individual channel gain.

Each channel is equipped with digital echo cancellation, automatic gain control and an audio expander for each channel. System operation is via six GPI/O contacts and four relays. Up to two external keypads can be connected to control the system remotely without a PC. The keypad supports all six caller lines. Calling numbers can also be entered and dialed via the quick dial keys. Up to two keypads may be used.

An HD Voice Upgrade option allows calls from HD-Voice compatible telephones to be received and transmitted in 7 kHz quality when the system is operated in Voice-over-IP mode.

An ISDN version of MAGIC TH6 is scheduled for early release. This will have three ISDN BRI interfaces for six channels instead of the POTS interfaces.

The AVT MAGIC TH6 six-line broadcast talk-show phone system will be demonstrated by Preco at BVE 2013, ExCel London, 26-28 February. Exhibiting on stand J37, Preco will be represented by Sarah Lenson (Commercial Manager) and James Thomas (Director of Engineering and Technology).


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