Post-NAB Newsbyte | Point Source Audio Unveils World’s First Microphone with Built-in Backup at 2017 NAB Show

Point Source Audio (PSA), an innovator of miniature microphone technology introduced its latest advancement, a fully redundant dual element microphone, which added to its award-winning collection of miniature microphones on display last week at the 2017 NAB Show  (booth #C1110). The microphone offers precisely matched elements for redundancy in a single self-contained housing and is ideal for talent requiring microphone backup assurance in live broadcasting and production environments.

The redundant microphone will offer broadcast and production technicians peace of mind with a fast and simple method of providing backup for critical on-air broadcasts of live talent. The mic’s one-of-a-kind design pairs two microphone elements into a single housing to create a form factor that is more streamlined and lower profile. Used with the company’s proprietary razor thin Slider mic clips or EMBRACE™ Earmounts, redundancy is accomplished with style—not cable clutter.

Whereas a usual method of redundant mic’ing can be achieved with two separate microphones, audio between them may vary due to differences between the microphone brand, the microphones’ age, as well as variances in the specifications. Point Source’s new redundant mic solves this challenge with elements that are factory matched in frequency and sensitivity—so when vital backup is initiated, any difference in audio performance is nearly undetectable. The built-in backup design mates the dual mics as well as their independent and continuous wire paths into a singular housing and wire jacket giving technicians a clean alternative to cumbersome cable dressing. The mic cable splits approximately nine inches above connection to the body-pack transmitters to allow ample room for separation of the transmitters.

The matched redundant microphone will be available as a standalone lavalier (CO2-8WL) that is part of the company’s SERIES8 category of performance microphones. Additionally, it will be offered within the EMBRACE category of earmountable lavaliers when absolute mic concealment is needed. EMBRACE microphones are patent pending with an inventive design that cuts down the time to conceal microphones to mere seconds. The two models both have an omnidirectional pick up pattern, 136dB SPL, and are highly adaptable to all types of applications and audio environments—both indoors and outdoors as the microphones are also water and sweat proof rated to IP57.

“These new redundant mic options are just another way we strive to elevate our customers’ experience,” said James Lamb, President for Point Source Audio. “We have worked hard to achieve a sonic quality in our microphones to rival the best on the market; but it has always been our mission to also develop user-friendly features as part of our total solutions.”

Point Source Audio’s new redundant mic options were demonstrated to attendees of the 2017 NAB Show (booth #C1110) in Las Vegas and are expected to be available for purchase at a number of resellers and distributors worldwide beginning June 2017.


Post-NAB Newsbyte | Point Source Audio Unveils World’s First Microphone with Built-in Backup at 2017 NAB Show