PlayBox Technology Powers TVPool Thailand’s New DTV Channels

Pictured: PlayBox Technology equipment in use at TV Pool’s Bangkok headquarters.

Thai broadcaster TV Pool has upgraded its PlayBox Technology transmission control and playout system to allow high-definition delivery of Thai TV (Channel 17) on the country’s terrestrial digital television platform. Three additional channels also received new HD playout systems. Currently transmitting in SD, Thai TV (Channel 27) and Loca TV (Channel 15 and Channel 25) can start transmitting in high definition whenever necessary. The system is located at TV Pool’s headquarters in Bangkok.

“PlayBox Technology was chosen in the first place for its ability to deliver a complete and fully tested system which can be expanded easily whenever TV Pool decides to upgrade to HD,” comments Rattanaphol Cha-Em, Project Manager at Thai reseller CNSP which is itself based in Bangkok. “An additional reason for choosing PlayBox Technology was the fact that we were able to provide local support during initial planning and the actual build, as well as in the future. That has helped create a lot of trust.”

“We have upgraded six playout servers plus four character generation and graphics servers from SD to HD”, comments Desmon Goh, Country Manager, PlayBox Technology, Asia Pacific continues. “We also provided two ProductionAirBox servers used for advertisement insertion where commercials are sent from the studios to the AirBox servers in the MCR. TitleBox logo servers are used for logo insertion on all four channels. A high level of redundant protection is included to ensure failsafe operation and easy maintenance. The system went to air on schedule and meets TV Pool’s highest expectations.”

AirBox is a universal SD/HD content playout and streaming server designed for continuous unattended operation. Every clip in the playlist, except the one which is currently playing, can be trimmed, edited or repositioned. Playlist order can be changed on-the-fly using commands such as skip-to-next or jump. Changes are performed seamlessly without stopping the current playout session. Live productions are facilitated by a Live Show clipboard, which allows insertion and/or execution of various events or live streams. AirBox accepts formats such as MPEG1/2/H.264, HDV and DV streams from practically every known production platform.

TitleBox delivers on-air graphics which can be controlled interactively. Customers can preconfigure the templates to match their requirements, eliminating any need for subsequent manual interference. TitleBox provides total control during on-air session, including text selection, running speed and transitions.
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