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Puget Systems Post-Production Workstations: Customize Your Tools Wisely

Founder Jon Bach on avoiding the PC rabbit hole. Exclusive interview conducted by Jody Michelle Solis   Jon Bach founded Puget Systems in December 2000. Today, his primary role is to make sure everyone else has the tools and resources to do their jobs, providing great products and customer experiences. He is also the face of the company with Puget …

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Production, Post-Production and Distribution

Riedel MediorNet, Artist, and Bolero Provide Comprehensive Signal Transport and Comms Backbone for Montenegro Public Broadcaster RTCG
Puget Systems Post-Production Workstations: Customize Your Tools Wisely
Integration Modules Connect Compass SaaS Solution to Core IT Tools for Comprehensive Enterprise Data Protection
Final Draft’s 2020 Big Break Screenwriting Contest is Open!
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