nxtedition Unveils Advanced AI Capabilities and VR Studio Control at CABSAT 202

nxtedition is set to showcase its latest advancements at CABSAT 2024, including the AI integration of Llama 3 LLM and a cutting-edge virtual reality studio control. Hosted at stand 102 in the Dubai World Trade Centre from 21 – 23 May, nxtedition will demonstrate how these new features are redefining the landscape of live production and content management. 

A new feature is the introduction of the open-source Llama 3 LLM integration. This enhancement simplifies the search functionality, allowing users to query content using conversational language. The system’s ability to understand these requests and find relevant information removes the need for precise keyword searches, making content discovery more efficient, user-friendly and cost free. 

In addition to semantic advancements, Llama 3 integrates with OpenAI’s Whisper for voice-to-text transcription, automating content title and description generation for social media upon publication. These tools exemplify nxtedition’s commitment to open source AI solutions streamlining complex processes and improving operational efficiency without the usually associated cloud costs. 

At CABSAT, visitors will have the unique opportunity to don a virtual reality (VR) headset and virtually operate a fully automated AR studio gallery located in Malmö, Sweden. This immersive experience allows attendees to experience first-hand the advanced integration of VR into live production workflows, navigating the Malmö studio interface with ease. 

“Our goal has always been to simplify the technological load on storytellers, allowing them to focus on creativity and content delivery,” said Adam Leah, Creative Director of nxtedition. “With these latest integrations, we are pushing the boundaries of what our platform can do—enhancing speed, productivity, flexibility, and ease of use without compromising the quality of the output.” 

nxtedition’s platform remains open to third-party integrations, such as the seamless connection with DaVinci Resolve and GPS data inclusion for asset tracking, underscoring its adaptability and user-friendly approach. 

“As we continue to evolve our platform, CABSAT is the perfect venue to showcase how nxtedition transforms everyday challenges into opportunities for innovation and swift storytelling,” added Leah. Visitors can learn more at stand 102, CABSAT or visit nxtedition.com.