NUGEN Audio Awarded Chinese Trademark

LEEDS, UK, DECEMBER 12, 2019 NUGEN Audio is pleased to announce that the brand has earned an official trademark in China, following a several months-long approvals process. The trademark was fully authorized by the China Trademark Office on October 7, 2019. NUGEN registered for the trademark on recommendation from its Chinese distributor, Music Marketing, as a means of protecting the brand name and company IP within the Chinese market. This trademark gives the company total control over its brand for the next 10 years.


“We are very honored to have been awarded a Chinese Trademark for our brand and IP,” says
Dr. Paul Tapper, CEO, NUGEN Audio. “We know that China is a vital market for audio producers, and we hope to leverage this trademark to increase our relationships in the region. In support of these efforts, our plan is to translate manuals and key web pages into Chinese to make our products more accessible to Chinese-speaking customers.”


The process to apply for a Chinese trademark typically spans the matter of 12 to 18 months, and requires a series of steps and submissions, with which Music Marketing assisted. “Congratulations to NUGEN Audio on its new Chinese Trademark recognition,” says Novia Wang of Music Marketing. “Our customers have expressed significant interest in NUGEN’s solutions and we are excited to build off the company’s already great reputation to increase sales in the region.”


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About NUGEN Audio

NUGEN Audio provides the broadcast and post-production industry’s most advanced solutions for surround upmixing and end-to-end loudness management, metering, and correction from content acquisition through to playout. Reflecting the real-world production experience of the NUGEN Audio design team, the company’s products make it easier to deliver high-quality, compliant audio while saving time, reducing   costs, and preserving the creative process. NUGEN Audio’s tools for audio analysis, loudness metering, mixing/mastering, and tracking are used by the world’s top names in broadcast, post-production, and music production. For more information, visit


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