NMR Events Leverages R2 Integration with Beam Dynamics for Intelligent Asset Control

Beam Dynamics, leaders in technology lifecycle management, has implemented its Data Improvement Platform™ (DIP) at NMR Events, a major American industrial staging and events business. The installation provides immediate data and continual development within the R2 database from Unique Business Systems. 

NMR Events is based in New Jersey, with six other locations across the country including a major facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Across these facilities, NMR maintains a floating inventory of over 450,000 assets. The inventory contains everything a customer would need for a major trade event, convention or launch.  

To manage its inventory, NMR uses UBS’ R2 Rental Software which is widely regarded as an industry standard with more than 35 years of successful deployments. While R2 addressed NMR’s rental management needs, like with most inventory management systems it lacks built-in asset data crucial to NMR’s operations. NMR turned to Beam’s DIP to fill its data gap.  

Beam maintains a massive, industry-wide asset database of over 500,000 assets from over 7000 manufacturers. This data covers everything from physical dimensions to firmware updates, to model lifecycle statuses to product recalls. Beam’s DIP integrates with NMR’s R2 instance and automatically enriches asset listings with relevant data. Going a step further, Beam continually updates its dataset, ensuring that all of NMR’s stakeholders have access to up-to-date information. 

“The value for NMR has been immense. In the past, we would have had to manually search for and maintain asset data and it often wouldn’t get done. Beam saved us hundreds of man-days of repetitive work in data entry,” said Chris Budin, Director of Rental Systems at NMR. “Now everyone in the business has direct access to every fact we might need, whether that is weights and dimensions for shipping or if we need to make time for a software upgrade. 

“Beam has also given us a data standard across sites and systems,” he added. “In the past a single asset could have multiple names depending on who you asked, with Beam every asset has the same name and specs no matter where across the organization.

“Perhaps most importantly, NMR can now be confident in the accuracy of its forms and printouts, which is essential for a rental business. Let’s say we don’t enter a weight and dimensions on 200 items. That’s meaningful because there are forms and printouts that are tallying these values all the time and formulas that are using these values. With Beam, I am confident that those forms and printouts are accurate and being tabulated based on real data.” 

Ryan DeMars, Co-Founder and COO of Beam added “NMR Events is a great example of how complex our technology inventories really are, and why you need intelligent, tailored support not just to know what you have but to get the best out of it. NMR’s business is in procuring the right equipment and renting it out as often as possible to earn a fair return. 

“With our DIP, they start with comprehensive information on every single asset, and see their knowledge base continue to grow drawing on their own real-world experiences,” he said. “That leads directly to an even better service for their clients as well as ever-tighter business control.” 

Beam can be contacted for InfoComm meetings and further information at beamdynamics.io 


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