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Hoarder Stories from Inside Edition

Posted by Patty Mooney
Notorious hoarder, Cheryl Sherrell, appropriated the home of Ms. Breslauer, a 90-year-old-widow who hired Ms. Sherrell to take care of Ms. Breslauer's dying husband. After Mr. Breslauer passed away, his wife wrote a note to Sherrell telling her to vacate the premises. Sherrell did not. In fact, she falsely claimed to police officers that Ms. Breslauer was abusing her (imagine a 90-year-old widow abusing anyone!) and Ms. Breslauer was taken away from the home that she and her husband had designed and built together in 1958. Sherrell changed the locks, began filling the Breslauers' "dream home" with all manner of garbage - broken lamps, old skis, unoperational washing machines and even the engine block of a car. She also began renting rooms in the home to transients. This went on for a year during which Ms. Breslauer was required by law to pay for the utilities. When our crew stepped into the home we observed dog feces and urine on the carpets and a hoarder's paradise.
Posted July 11, 2017 - Filed in HD News - #hoarder  #squatter  #Mrs. Breslauer  #San Diego  #home take-over 
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