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    Saturday, November 9, 2013, 10:00am-4:00pm &

    Sunday, November 10, 2013, 10:00am-2:00pm

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    You'll receive a full range of powerful HDSLR filmmaking concepts and tools that can benefit any HDSLR production - whether you're shooting a documentary or narrative, television spot or music video. The intensive, continuing education workshop will give you an overview of the HDSLR models, in camera settings, lighting, lens options and sound recording, how to work around their current shortcomings and take the necessary steps to maximize DSLR performance. Includes Day 2 Special Focus on Camera Movement Strategies for HDSLR with Live Shooting Demos.

    HDSLR Camera Movement Strategies: When shooting motion pictures it's important to remember the motion part. Moving cameras add drama and production value that can bring your video to the next level. With the small size of the DSLR, once expensive and time-consuming methods are within your reach but what are the limitations and how do you plan for a moving camera shot? If you've ever wondered how to keep your handheld shots in-focus and steady this is your workshop. See how a slider can create the look of a dolly in half the time. We'll even show you how to do a 360º panoramic shot with a motorized pan/tilt head. Get your camera moving with these techniques.

    Who Should Attend:

  • Filmmakers, Videographers, Cinematographers, Camera Operators, Directors, and Producers; and Digital Media Artists, Still Photographers and Journalists who want to shoot video.

  • Professionals Working in Broadcast, TV, or Film who are integrating, or looking to integrate, HDSLR video production and post production into your projects and workflows.

  • Teachers, Educators, and Professors adding, or looking to add, HDSLR video production and post production into your course curriculums.

  • This continuing education workshop is for both Professionals and Students.

  • The intensive, continuing education workshop will be led by Mr. Patrick Reis, a New York-based filmmaker and freelance shooter who began his career working with film before the digital video revolution exploded and began to dominate the indie market. Reis' experience spans over 10 years working in commercials and TV, with clients including ESPN, Fox Sports, Nickelodeon. Reis' love of storytelling has drawn him to more documentary and narrative projects.


  • 11/9/13 at 2:00 AM -
    11/10/13 at 6:00 AM
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    Manhattan, New York City Map
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NOV 9 & 10: HDSLR Production Workflow w/ Patrick Reis


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