About Fotodiox

  • Your home for digital and film camera accessories at wholesale pricing. Comprehensive collections, precision quality, reliable customer service and speedy shipping.


    If you need assistance, or have any questions about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at 866-812-1107. At Fotodiox we are professional photographers and we will answer any of your photography questions.

    Company Overview

    Fotodiox offers professional photography and videography supplies and accessories at discount wholesale prices. We have been serving the photo and video market since 2004, carrying a full line of professional photographic accessories and lighting equipment, including: flash strobes and wedding photography kits, daylight fluorescent lighting, tungsten lighting, and video lighting kits. Fotodiox also continues to be the leading manufacturer of lens mount adapters, large format adapter boards for 35mm and medium format digital backs.

    Fotodiox offers an extensive selection of camera battery grips, camera flash brackets, video shoulder support, extension tubes, lens hoods, lens caps, optical filters, flash diffusers, shutter release cables, radio shutter triggers, light slave triggers, light tents and right angle view finders at competitive prices.

    Additionally, Fotodiox carries supplies for lighting systems such as umbrellas, softboxes, barndoors, snoots, reflectors, light stands boom stands, muslin backgrounds, and paper roll support systems.

    General Information

    Fotodiox Inc. is located in Waukegan, Illinois, USA – just north of Chicago.