Welcome to Scheimpflug's Profile Page Here in the HDProGuide.com Network!

  • Welcome to Scheimpflug's Profile Page Here in the HDProGuide.com Network!

    Scheimpflug Digital


    Scheimpflug is more than just a grip house; we provide extraordinary service specializing in cameras, production and lighting equipment. Our staff, which is our most valuable asset, is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals able to anticipate your every need. We solve real production problems; issues with power, personnel, equipment, workflow, budget, transportation and logistics. Our Digital Techs, who are capable of video or still capture, have worked in the most extreme conditions all over the planet - 48 countries and counting.

    Scheimpflug acquired RGH in 2008, an iconic company in the lighting industry for 25 years. This gave the company a huge inventory of grip, generators, Kino’s, HMI, and tungsten lights. RGH also gave the ability to provide electrical and production support with a large fleet of grip trucks, generator trucks, and a production truck.

    Scheimpflug was formed by John Engstrom in 2004, and initially grew organically around his on-set presence as a lighting designer. John has been in the business since 1991, and has been on many incredible projects all over the planet lighting everything and everyone from world leaders to stadiums to hollywood A-listers. He has had a hybridized experience straddling the line between motion and still throughout his entire career.