I'm Elvis Peçi, and I could be your New Film Composer!

  • Hi,
    I’m writing you about introducing you to my music, and to me as the composer of the ideal soundsoul/music of your next movie!
    At first you can listen to my 2012-13 film music showreel from links below (official web: www.kabaland.al, yt channel, ect).
    Please send me more about the story of a next movie on your files to my email elvis.peci@gmail.com or kabaland@gmail.com
    and I could start working on a short demo directly, nothink to loose! I promise you artistic satisfaction!
    waiting that you reply back by with your suggestions!


    Elvis Peçi,
    Composer, Pianist, Producer
    Website: http://www.kabaland.al
    Email: kabaland@gmail.com

    Elvis PEÇI's Film Music 2012-13 Showreel:
    Other links to listen for free or buy my music:
    Just uploaded !!!!! Gangnam Style – Made in Project Kabaland / for Symphony Orchestra

    Project Kabaland is an outerworld musical project created by Composer, Pianist and Producer - Elvis Peçi since 2010. 3 Albums Released and available on the channel and for sale on CdBaby, iTunes and Amazon. Kabaland is the respiration of an ancient era coming to life inside the soul of a modern civilisation, an esoteric sound-land where primeval angels and demons coexist with those of today; Kabaland, a faraway planet similar to our earth, a conjuction of parallel universes where ages are interlaced in a frozen time, a surreal coexistence that could help us to reflect more about our real world of today, where truth and lies are easily interchangeable. Project created by: Elvis Peçi (Aelfior Studios / since 1998) Official Website: www.kabaland.al