NAB 2023: PHABRIX to present UHD ST 2110 interoperability demo

Thatcham, UK – 13 April 2023: Test and measurement innovator, PHABRIX, has announced plans for a demonstration showcasing its ability to support interoperable SMPTE ST 2110-20, 2022-7 RGB Enhanced-UHD workflows and NVIDIA® RivermaxDisplay at NAB 2023, which will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 15-19 April 2023 (Booth C4920). The presentation marks a further continuation of a long-running cooperation with NVIDIA and advanced media server company 7thSense, both of whose technologies will be featured in the demo alongside the QxL UHD-25G rasterizer from PHABRIX.

The Enhanced-UHD collaboration began two years ago when NVIDIA was invited to work on an integration of its Rivermax IP-based streaming solution into 7thSense’s Delta Media Server in order to support uncompressed playback of 4K 60p 12-bit RGB content using SMPTE ST 2110, which represents a peak payload of more than 21Gbit/s. During the development process, 7thSense R&D teams in the UK and NVIDIA R&D teams in Israel utilized PHABRIX’s QxL – the world’s most flexible UHD-25G rasterizer – with some adjustments to the IO section made by the PHABRIX team.

Consistent delivery of this demanding UHD/4K video payload inevitably required an intense collaboration between the three parties. “We really had to ‘bootstrap’ each other and interact very closely in order to identify bugs and arrive at a common understanding that what is being done here is working effectively,” says Prinyar Boon, Product Manager at PHABRIX, adding that 7thSense is targeting fixed install environments, where uncompressed UHD is an increasingly popular choice for playback on high resolution LED video walls.

The collaboration with NVIDIA on RivermaxDisplay shows the extended desktop of a Windows 10 PC being transmitted as a real-time ST 2110-20 flow using an NVIDIA A6000 GPU and 25G NVIDIA ConnectX-6 SmartNIC with related drivers. The NVIDIA R&D team utilized a PHABRIX QxL to verify the integrity of this ground-breaking work that bridges between the computer and ST 2110 worlds.

Now PHABRIX will showcase these ongoing collaborations in an interoperability demo at NAB 2023 that will also include a pair of 25G monitors from PLURA which support uncompressed UHD based on ST 2110, and ST 2022-7 as well as resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 and 25GbE network connections for video input.

With its transparent presentation of UHD interoperability that is able to support a “great number of applications and functionality,” Boon hopes that the demo will help vanquish some of the lingering anxieties surrounding UHD. “2110 does have a reputation of being complicated, so it will be great if we can demystify the process a bit,” he says. “Now of course it’s true that there are a lot of fine details involved, but once you have made it work, UHD is easy and HD is super-simple! So what we aim to do here is highlight the scope for running UHD over IP using ST 2110 in a way that is both scalable and secure.”

The Enhanced-UHD demonstration will take place on booth C4920 throughout NAB 2023; there is no need to book in advance.


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