Motion Path and Launch UpRoar Live! Aimed at Creating Interactive Fan Experiences in Sports and Entertainment

Solution Will Allow Fans Anywhere to Trigger Authentic, Real-Time, In-Venue Crowd Noise and Immersive Augmented Reality Graphics and to Participate in Customized Virtual Experiences

MONTREAL — June 25, 2020 — Motion Path, a world leader in augmented reality and real-time broadcast graphic design, and, a developer of virtual interactive experiences, today announced the launch of UpRoar Live!, a groundbreaking solution designed to bring back the excitement of live events.

With sports and entertainment venues unable to allow fans to watch events in person due to the pandemic, the drama and excitement of live, realistic crowd noise has been lost. Without fans attending live events, the sports and entertainment industries and related ecosystems are being forced to reinvent themselves. UpRoar Live! provides an innovative way to address the problem by allowing fans watching the event on television or online to spontaneously express their reactions via an intuitive app. The various responses are compiled in real time and instantly trigger authentic, proportionally mixed, and acoustically accurate reaction sounds in the venue or as part of the broadcast.

In addition to audio, UpRoar Live! reinvents sports and entertainment experiences by allowing fans to trigger spectacular, immersive augmented reality (AR) graphics within the broadcast of the event. Fans can also access interactive modules to participate in a number of activities including wagering, e-commerce, and social media interactions. UpRoar Live! is designed to replicate the in-venue experience, virtually, and provides an exciting new way to engage fans after the pandemic.

Motion Path will design and integrate customized AR graphics to suit a variety of sports and entertainment applications. As a specialist in real-time graphics, Motion Path can populate entire stadiums with virtual fans and have them react based on data aggregated from UpRoar Live!

“We are not trying to fool audiences with the integration of AR. It’s just the opposite,” said Anton Maximovsky, president and CEO, Motion Path. “Instead we are creating an authentic, new kind of broadcast experience wherein fans at home dictate how the AR graphics behave. We can take this further by bringing fans into the venue through video conferencing applications and seamlessly make them part of the action.”

UpRoar Live! runs on the platform, which is the core of the solution. is an open, flexible, and fully scalable platform designed specifically to build epic, real-time virtual experiences for any type of live event. The cloud-based virtual experience platform will drive custom interactive modules on behalf of teams, events, leagues, artists, and brands. Each venue or event will be able to design and launch specific fan engagement experiences ranging from uploading video and images to in-venue screens to virtual reality interactions.

Fan reaction is the gateway to creating an unlimited number of interactive experiences. The platform is designed as a modular solution, allowing clients to create custom experiences that are unique to their specific business requirements.

The UpRoar Live! product team is made up of a unique group of engineering, creative, and editorial specialists, including journalists and media executives. “This bold new approach to virtual fan participation will foster creative new revenue streams through e-commerce and sponsorships that extend well beyond the current pandemic,” said Fiona Conway, a former ABC News executive who is part of the initiative.

UpRoar Live! and are reigniting the drama, excitement, and passion of live events with an entirely new approach to virtual experiences, allowing fans everywhere to get back to supporting their teams and to embrace their connection with artists of all kinds.

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About Motion Path Inc.
Motion Path is a creative services provider with an emphasis on real-time 3D graphics, AR, and immersive graphics for broadcast television. The team, comprised of seasoned industry professionals from the broadcast world, has delivered some of the highest-profile productions in television, including packages for the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Sochi Olympics, U.S. presidential elections, and newscasts for ABC, NBC, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, Fox News, Fox Sports, and many others. The team has also won a number of prestigious design awards for work on design projects in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. More information is available at

About is an AI-powered real-time virtual experience platform that can turn any kind of live event into an immersive experience. connects users with real-time content, allowing them to share and interact with other users in virtual “smart” communities of any size, from a handful of users in a single location to millions of users spread around the world. The platform manages connections to an unlimited number of live data and content sources and drives interactive visual experiences across a wide range of screens and devices, including smartphones, web browsers, VR/AR goggles, smart TVs, interactive video walls, giant outdoor screens, and broadcast graphics systems. The platform has been built from the ground up to be highly scalable, secure, and flexible, with an open architecture that allows it to easily integrate with other third-party tools and platforms.

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Caption: UpRoar Live! triggers both fan audio reactions and immersive augmented reality graphics to bring excitement back to live events.

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Caption: and Motion Path bring sound and immersive augmented reality graphics connected to live data to sports and entertainment experiences.


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