Mondelez International Leverages Idomoo Personalized Video to Delight Cadbury Chocolate Consumers across the Globe

Emotional connection is the focus of Cadbury Chocolate’s multichannel campaigns based on Idomoo Personalized Video.

Idomoo Social expands the mix of customer engagement paths by allowing brands to build personalized video campaigns based on the customer’s own social data, i.e.; his Facebook profile, so campaigns are more personal, engaging and emotional. For retail companies with limited customer communication channels and no CRM data, it is a powerful customer engagement route to build strong brand affinity and connection.

“We are giving a boost to our approach to product innovation. We believe that personalization can enhance the overall product experience – particularly in gifting,” said Josep Hernandez, Senior Director Global Communications Planning and Media, Mondelez International. “We got so much more than we expected – Facebook gives us an unprecedented pool of assets to enhance the connection between consumers, and Idomoo Social is helping us bring these to life.”

With the success of these two campaigns in India and Australia, Cadbury intends to expand the use of Idomoo personalized videos to markets worldwide.

Cadbury Flavour Matcher Facebook App Generates New Engaged Fans

In Australia, Cadbury offered “Flavourism,” an integrated campaign inviting Australians into the world of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. They were invited to connect via pay per click and unpaid social postings using banners. Once consumers clicked via Facebook Connect, Idomoo technology used photographs and information on their profiles to build personalized videos, creating powerful emotional engagement and outstanding success rates: 90% watched their personalized video to the end; 65% clicked through; and 33.6% converted by filling out a contest form. More than 40% of additional campaign participants arrived from Facebook shares alone.

“At Idomoo, our clients – whether they are household brand name like Cadbury, telecom operators looking to reduce customer churn, or insurers seeking an easy way to explain their services – are looking for exceptional ways to connect emotionally with their customers, and they have found that Idomoo personalized video fits the bill,” said Yaron Kalish, Idomoo’s CEO and co-founder.

Idomoo Social opens a new unique and engaging marketing channel through personalized video that has been proven to highly attract users’ attention and enthusiasm since it is based on their Facebook profiles.

Personalizing the Gift of Cadbury Glow with an Idomoo Video in India

Cadbury used Idomoo’s Automated Social Campaigns to promote its gift offering, Cadbury Glow. Consumers can add a personal touch by creating an Idomoo personalized video for recipients that incorporates Facebook photographs. Givers visit the Cadbury Glow site , connect with Facebook, and provide the recipient and occasion details.

“For a brand like Cadbury, which has an emotional, approachable and warm relationship with consumers, we saw a clear opportunity to partner closely with Idomoo by offering thoughtful givers a truly personalized gift that they can give their nearest and dearest,” said Gil Horsky, Senior Innovation Manager, Mondelez International

According to a recent study by Syncaps, Facebook fans are early brand users; they spend more, engage more, advocate more, and are more loyal.