Moments Lab Launches AI Research Program to Advance Video Understanding

First Organizations to Join Include Engineering School Telecom SudParis and Broadcaster TF1 Group

PARIS — April 9, 2024 — Leading AI and video search company Moments Lab (formerly Newsbridge) has launched an AI research program to advance multimodal and generative AI video understanding with low-energy-consumption models.

France’s leading public graduate school for engineering, Telecom SudParis, and free-to-air broadcaster and streaming platform TF1 Group are the first organizations to join the Moments Lab program, with more research partners to be announced shortly.

The program’s main R&D focus includes long-form video understanding, vision-language models, and information retrieval, with a strong emphasis on building AI indexing models that require minimal energy consumption and learn fair representations of a diverse and multicultural world.

“Content producers and creators already use AI to accelerate workflows and capitalize on their entire media library, largely thanks to video-indexing technologies powered by speech and image processing,” explained Dr. Yannis Tevissen, recently appointed head of science at Moments Lab following the completion of his doctorate in artificial intelligence. “However, the margin for improvement remains huge. Videos are highly complex, with very high dimensional variations. The next frontier for building content from human knowledge likely lies in efficiently understanding what’s inside video files. Doing so at scale with small, energy-efficient models is an even bigger challenge, which Moments Lab is already making headway on.”

Olivier Martinot, director of innovation at Telecom SudParis (IMT Group), said, “Our research partnership with Moments Lab follows the CIFRE thesis led by Dr. Yannis Tevissen and supervised by Telecom SudParis professor Jérôme Boudy. Telecom SudParis is delighted to provide its research skills in the field of content analysis and transform this research into innovation with Moments Lab.”

“What Moments Lab is achieving with its next-gen AI indexing models aligns with TF1’s ambition to evolve our Group and future ways of working with cutting-edge technology,” added Olivier Penin, director of innovation at TF1 Group. “Our goal is to increase productivity and enhance video storytelling through the effective use of AI in media indexing. We know that we will make exciting progress in this area as research partners.”

The research program announcement follows Moments Lab’s multimillion-dollar investment in deep-tech R&D and the successful launch of its game-changing, patented AI indexing technology MXT-1 — which has won several industry awards since its launch in 2023, including the IABM Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award.

The company has launched a new, dedicated research website where it will publish its
findings. More information about Moments Lab’s AI R&D projects can be found at

Moments Lab will showcase the features of its new MXT-1.5 at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 14-17 in Booth SL2113.

During the 2024 NAB Show, Moments Lab will also be participating in the Programming Everywhere Conference in the Beethoven, Encore Hotel on Sunday, April 14, at 1:45 p.m. PDT. Moments Lab CEO and co-founder Philippe Petitpont will discuss “Building Better Stories Faster with AI Moment-Based Search,” focusing on how multimodal AI indexing technology is transforming production workflows with powerful moments-based search and editorial sequencing.

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About Moments Lab (
Moments Lab’s mission is to help content producers build videos faster. The platform makes audiovisual content searchable to reduce the time spent sourcing the key moments required to tell a story. MXT Multimodal AI is here to address video indexing challenges, describing sequences in natural language, enabling content professionals to focus on creativity and higher-value decisions.

Today, our platform is used worldwide by TV networks, sports rights holders, production companies, journalists, producers, and archivists to scale content creation workflows and generate new revenue streams. Whether it be for managing and accessing live recordings, clipping highlights, researching story angles, content retrieval, or content showcasing and licensing.

About Telecom SudParis (
Telecom SudParis is a public graduate school for engineering, which has been recognized on the highest level in the domain of digital technology. The quality of its courses is founded on the scientific excellence of its faculty and on teaching techniques that emphasize project management, innovation and intercultural understanding. Telecom SudParis is part of the Institut Mines-Telecom, the number one group of engineering schools in France, under the supervision of the Minister for Industry. Telecom SudParis with École Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris and Telecom Paris are co-founders of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, an institute of Science and Technology with an international vocation.

About TF1 Group (
TF1 Group is a major player in the production, publication and distribution of content in France and Europe.

Our operations are split between two divisions:

  • The Media division is home to our free-to-air channels (TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films, LCI), our theme channels (Ushuaia TV, Histoire TV, TV Breizh, Série Club), TF1+ our free streaming platform for family entertainment and news, TFOU MAX our on-demand platform dedicated to youth and the TF1 PUB advertising airtime sales house. It represents a unique ecosystem, able to meet the needs of all audiences and clients. We also operate in music production and live shows with Muzeek One.
  • The Production division, with Newen Studios, is home to more than 50 creative companies and labels in France and abroad. The division creates and distributes programmes across all genres and for all media industry players, from public-service and private-sector broadcasters to online platforms, thanks to its unique expertise and the diversity of its brands and talents.

TF1 Group has operations in 11 countries, and employed 2.882 people as of 31 December 2023. In 2023, the Group generated revenue of €2.297m (Euronext Paris, compartment A: ISIN FR0000054900).

About Dr. Yannis Tevissen
Yannis Tevissen is Head of Science at Moments Lab, where he follows R&D projects from research ideas to products deployed at scale. After a short founder experience, he gained his PhD in artificial intelligence in 2023 from Institut Polytechnique de Paris. Yannis’s overall research focus is video understanding and multimodal speech processing. Yannis is also an emerging voice for disability inclusion, advocating for accessible workplaces and developing AI that provides more accurate and diverse representations.

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Photo Caption: Moments Lab (formerly Newsbridge) has launched a machine learning research program to advance multimodal and generative AI video understanding.

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Photo Caption: Moments Lab’s head of science, Dr. Yannis Tevissen, says the program aims to build energy-efficient AI video indexing models that learn fair representations of a diverse and multicultural world.


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