Marketron Launches Political Advertising Toolbox to Prepare Media Sellers for Upcoming Political Season

HAILEY, Idaho — July 27, 2022 — Marketron, the broadcast industry’s leading technology provider for more scalable, predictable, and reliable revenue, announced the release of its Political Advertising Toolbox for TV and radio sellers, a collection of new online resources for companies interested in increasing their share of political advertising. The landing page for the resources comes just in time for the boom in advertising revenue this political season, which BIA Advisory Services predicts will raise $8.6 billion for local media companies. By implementing tactics from the toolbox, combined with data and expert insights, media sellers can expect to boost their political selling skills and accelerate revenue for linear and digital streams.

The toolbox combines all the political advertising content Marketron has developed at a single location. Each resource will provide media salespeople with tips, strategies, and insights for political advertising, including specialized considerations such as the overall trends in the advertising ecosystem, the need to reach different demographics, the objective of persuading people to vote, and the regulatory compliance requirements for how media companies price and offer inventory to candidates.

“Political advertising is an important category for local media. It’s much different than any other, and that requires a unique approach,” said Christian Kligora, senior vice president of client success at Marketron. “We’ve been developing content on the topic all year long with a focus on how to support media sellers, and bringing it together in one spot makes it easier to access and learn from.”

The online toolbox includes five key resources:

  • On-Demand Webinar: “Win the Ad Race: Insights From Political Advertising Experts” — Moderated by Rick Ducey from BIA, attendees will hear from expert political media consultants on how and why they buy advertising for political campaigns and will leave with tangible ideas on honing selling skills for this vertical.
  • E-book: “A Simple Guide to Dynamic Pricing and Political Advertising for Media Companies” — Media sellers will learn about trends shaping the category, what FCC regulations mean, and how to secure more political advertising revenue.
  • Infographic: “2022 Political Advertising Trends, Data, and More” — The graphic shows all the data points likely to impact and influence political advertising buys. With these insights, sellers can deliver data-driven strategies for candidates.
  • Article: “Political Advertising Strategies for Media Sellers Q&A” — As a follow-up to the political advertising webinar, Marketron compiled attendee questions and expert answers.
  • Article: “Getting Your Slice of the Digital Political Advertising Pie With OTT/CTV” — This article gives an inside look at the growing ad share for OTT/CTV and shows how to position offerings to win more digital deals.

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