Marketron Introduces Real-Time Avails and Automated Priority Rate Card Functions for Marketron REV Platform

HAILEY, Idaho — Nov. 15, 2022 — Marketron, the broadcast industry’s leading technology provider for more scalable, predictable, and reliable revenue, today announced that it has added new avails and priority rate card features to the Marketron REV sales growth platform for broadcast TV and radio sales professionals. Available now for all REV clients, these features are crucial for TV and radio broadcasters when working with agency and local direct advertisers. These advancements help organizations eliminate manual data re-entry that can lead to errors, freeing up their teams to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Built primarily for sellers who work with agencies, avails functionality saves time and significantly improves efficiency by allowing sales teams to use a single platform to respond to avail requests, build proposals, submit orders, access real-time inventory data, and perform post analysis. Marketron REV is the only sales platform available today that offers a real-time connection with traffic management systems like WideOrbit.

The priority rate card feature allows salespeople to reference real-time rates for different inventory types while simultaneously allowing managers to bypass the cumbersome process of setting rates manually. Instead, REV automatically creates rate cards to ensure that the rates offered to advertisers account for demand and inventory sellout. With the priority rate card feature, managers can set the selling rules, the system automates the process, sellers can get their deals done, and management can review any exceptions to the rules. Managers can set different pricing strategies based on priority level of the inventory type. Marketron REV is the only platform that automates the rate card process in real time.

The avails and priority rate card features lay the foundation for broadcasters that are considering offering pay for performance (P4P) to their agency clients. P4P is a buy-sell transaction workflow wherein the broadcaster determines what the ratings will be for a spot, and the agency accepts that value. Broadcasters deliver on impressions as a combination of linear and digital. It focuses on getting the advertiser in front of the audience while eliminating costly makegood situations.

“Having real-time information when responding to agency avails is critical to profitability,” said Renee Ingenito, vice president of enterprise sales at Marketron. “Now, because the REV avails feature integrates with traffic management, sellers get access to real-time inventory that leads to more profitable orders. Plus, we’re continuing to chip away at the ‘swivel chair’ effect sales teams often experience when bouncing between different technology platforms to convert an avail request to an order.”

“What’s more, the priority rate card feature saves sales teams so much time,” Ingenito continued. “Streamlining and simplifying the sales process means the sales team can get back to selling, while exception reporting ensures proposals and orders meet set guidelines or have approval to move forward if they are out of bounds.”

The avails and priority rate card features are integrated into the REV platform and come at no additional charge. REV platform users must have a traffic platform such as Visual Traffic or WideOrbit to view real-time available inventory.

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About Marketron
Marketron empowers innovators in the broadcast and media industry to strengthen their market leadership by delivering more scalable, predictable and reliable revenue. With Marketron’s products and services, users can successfully propose, price and execute multimedia advertising campaigns across all revenue streams including television, radio, O&O and digital media. With 50 years of industry leadership, Marketron serves more than 6,000 media organizations globally and manages $5 billion in annual U.S. advertising revenue representing more than 1 million advertisers. Marketron is owned by Diversis Capital. More information is available at

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