LynTec Releases Design Calculator to Show Project Cost Benefits of Its New Narrow Profile Panelboards

White Paper and Workbook Utilizes National Calculator to Demonstrate How Designers Can Increase Cost Efficiencies Using LynTec’s 9-Inch-Wide, Single-Column Controllable Breaker Panel

LENEXA, Kan. — Feb. 16, 2021 — LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems, announced the release of its new white paper and workbook, “Electrical Distribution Design Cost Comparison.” This workbook demonstrates the cost advantages of locating electrical breaker panels as close to the end loads as possible.

Following the launch of the company’s Narrow Profile Panelboards last month, LynTec’s new white paper validates how installers can realize greater cost savings from the new 9-inch-wide panels, which are so thin they can be installed in smaller and previously unusable spaces including I-beam supports or similar surfaces. By utilizing these narrow areas, labor and wiring costs can be significantly reduced with potential savings of more than $10,000 per circuit breaker panel, depending on the project.

“Typically, an electrical panel is located close to the electrical service entry of the building where there’s available wall space necessary to accommodate that panel’s width, such as a designated electrical closet,” said Mark Bishop, resident of LynTec. However, that might be up to several hundred feet away from the devices it needs to power, requiring much longer parallel electrical runs and driving up project costs substantially.”

In large commercial, manufacturing, and industrial installations, shorter, more economical runs are common and created by utilizing the spacing in an I-beam support or similar surface, which locates the circuit breaker panels much closer to the end loads. However, this practice has been avoided in theaters and performing arts centers due to the noise that old dimmer technology generated. Now that dimming takes place electronically in new LED lighting fixtures, that noise is no longer an issue. LynTec’s white paper includes a calculation workbook that presents a simple, yet realistic example of how shifting the install location of four circuit breaker panels just 40 to 80 feet closer to the end-loads will have significant project cost savings in the range of $50,000, based on the national averages for labor and material costs.

“Using average prices for electrical installation materials and labor obtained from a national project cost-estimating calculator, we were able to demonstrate significant cost savings,” said Bishop. “Because of the reduced width of our Narrow Profile Panelboards, installers can move the panels much closer to the electrical loads (e.g. lighting fixtures) that they are actually powering. For example, in a project requiring a single 42-position circuit breaker panel, rather than multiple 100-foot branch circuit conduit runs, the difference in length is replaced by a single-feeder, 80-foot conduit. As demonstrated in our workbook, this could save upwards of $17,000.”

A groundbreaking and flexible innovation, LynTec’s Narrow Profile Panelboard can hold up to 42 controllable circuit breakers. It is the only power solution of its kind designed to maximize space efficiency while providing comprehensive power control to AVL installations. The panel allows system designers to create a distributed electrical distribution design that is optimized for available space. It is ideally suited for theaters, stadiums, performance spaces, and worship spaces with robust AVL demands and limited electrical real estate or unique infrastructure requirements. Customers can mix and match the Narrow Profile panels with LynTec’s leading range of comprehensive power control panels, including the RPC Remote Control Breaker Panels, LCP Lighting Control Panels, RPCR Automated Relay Panels, and NPAC Multi-Circuit Rackmount units within the same network on a single interface. From a single IP address, customers can set up, control, and monitor all their AVL sequences or controllable lighting zones across the facility with incredible ease and affordability.

The white paper and workbook are available at More information on LynTec’s full line of products is available at

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About LynTec
LynTec is a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems. Working closely with system designers, LynTec incorporates electrical protection, circuit switching capabilities, and an operational controller within a common enclosure — saving valuable wall space, lowering installation costs, and simplifying system operation. This state-of-the-art approach to electrical control solutions has positioned LynTec as a trusted resource for any installation with complex power control requirements. More information is available at

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