Litepanels LEDs Add Versatility to Waiting for SuperMEN Lighting

When New York-based cinematographer Quenell Jones was faced with a short shoot and tight locations for the upcoming short film Waiting for SuperMEN, he immediately turned to Litepanels® MicroPro™ as an on-camera light source for several crucial locations.

Waiting for SuperMEN is a romantic comedy about a dissatisfied wife who isn’t too pleased with her husband,” he explains. “She finds a new way to tickle her fancy with a little imagination. These flights of fancy take her to different places, and the camera team to different challenges, often played out in very tight spaces.

“To capture the story we chose the Canon 5D Mark III and Litepanels MicroPro for on-camera lighting in situations such as a very small antique shop. Here the MicroPro was perfect as a small eye light for our actors.

“Much of the story on this indie production takes place at night,” he continues. “We wanted to have an organic feeling for our shows. By adding a battery-operated Litepanels 1×1 as the key and using the unbalanced light from the stores we shot in as fill, we were able to create that tone.

“I’m a big fan of Litepanels,” he adds. “They are versatile, compact and battery operated – not to mention affordable, and that was important for this shoot. On many of my projects I’ve found that Litepanels are so versatile that I can use them as my main light, allowing me to move faster and get more creativity in the time allowed.”