Announcing New DXA-SLR MINI adapter for DSLRs


(Kelowna, BC, Canada) Beachtek announces its new DXA-SLR MINI audio adapter for HDSLR cameras. This adapter is a scaled down version of the popular DXA-SLR PRO adapter that was released earlier this year. The DXA-SLR MINI provides a high performance front end to connect wireless mics or microphones with mini-plug connectors to these cameras for superior audio, control and monitoring features. This enables the user to record professional audio directly to the camera without the need for a third party audio recording device, or having to sync the audio in post production.

Key Features

  • Two mono mini-jack inputs
  • One stereo mini-jack input
  • Ultra low noise preamplifiers
  • VU meters
  • Fast acting limiters
  • AGC Disable feature
  • Headphone monitoring for record and playback

This product is expected to be released by Dec 1st, 2012 to leading audio and video dealers worldwide. The suggested list price of the DXA-SLR MINI is $299.00 in the United States.

The DXA-SLR MINI provides the same performance as its bigger brother with built-in low noise preamps, VU meters, limiters and a headphone jack. The custom chassis is extremely rugged, yet lightweight and designed to fit today’s DSLR models perfectly. The adapter can be used with any DSLR camera that has a mic jack.

Beachtek is the original and most popular producer of XLR adapters for DV camcorders and DSLR cameras. The company specializes in unique audio accessories for the demanding videographer.

Beachtek is located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. For additional information about Beachtek or the products that they offer, including full specifications on the DXA-SLR MINI, visit their web site at or call (416) 690-9457.


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