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Introducing the BVM-X300 TRIMASTER EL monitor

Introducing the BVM-X300 TRIMASTER EL monitor
Professionals have greeted Sony TRIMASTER EL monitors with awards, acclaim and acceptance as the de facto standard. Thanks to Sony’s proprietary OLED panels, these monitors perform beautifully in color grading and quality control. Now Sony is revolutionizing our OLED revolution with the BVM-X300, which embodies three distinct breakthroughs.
4K resolution. Say hello to the very first BVM monitor with full 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution. So you can scrutinize your 4K Digital Cinema material with pixel-for-pixel OLED accuracy.
High Dynamic Range (HDR). While the quantity of pixels matters, so does the quality. The new HDR mode combines Sony’s legendary black levels with amazing peak brightness.
Ultra HD/Rec. 2020 color. Thanks to Sony’s ultra-pure primaries, the BVM-X300 can cover a choice of color gamuts, including Digital Cinema P3, HDTV Rec. 709, SMPTE-C and most of the ITU-R BT.2020 specification* for Ultra HD.
Today your clients have a choice of HD or 4K, a choice of standard grayscale or HDR, and a choice of Rec. 709 or Rec. 2020. But to see it all, there’s just one choice: the Sony BVM-X300.

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