IBC 2018 Exhibitor Spotlight | Brainstorm: InfinitySet, award winning AR and virtual studio application

InfinitySet is the all-in-one virtual set and real-time 3D graphics solution, not just for showcasing a number of extremely advanced technologies, but also for the flexibility this solution gives to operators and producers alike.

Anything can be accomplished with InfinitySet, from simple virtual sets with fixed cameras to advanced and complex productions involving tracked cameras, external feeds with embedded tracking data and data-driven graphics interacting in real-time with the set and the talents. InfintySet also features industry-first technologies such as selective defocus and bokeh,  3D Presenter, volumetric lighting and more. InfinitySet supports most of the common 3D formats to integrate external objects into the virtual set. InfinitySet not only integrates seamlessly Aston projects but now also includes graphics features of Aston so it can edit, manage and create  2D/3D motion graphics from scratch, allowing for the creation of high-quality programs with enhanced information.

InfinitySet integrates objects and  StormLogic animation, even including external data sources for data-driven graphics such as bars, pies, charts, statistics and much more. These graphics can also be animated within InfinitySet to create complete productions and show.

What makes Infinity Set unique


TrackFree is a patented camera-tracking independent technology that provides just what its name claims: the total freedom for operators to use any tracking system, trackless or fixed cameras, or a combination of these at the same time.

Allows for combined Chroma Keying, even within the same production:

  • Internal chroma key software
  • External chroma key hardware
  • Combination of both

TrackFree advanced features:

  • TeleTransporter
  • 3D Presenter
  • HandsTracking
  • FreeWalking



This feature seamlessly combines 3D virtual sets with real characters and live or pre-recorded video feeds, all moving accordingly with a precise matching of perspective, colour, shadows, reflections or focus.

Infinity Set allows the incorporation of external post-production tracking hardware and software data along with real-time tracking data, combining both with any object or set on the scene. Also, external tracking data coming from real cameras or third-party tracking software can be included as metadata in live feeds or pre-recorded videos, and immediately be transferred and applied to the virtual camera’s parameters.

3D Presenter

Converts the talent into a 3D object, achieved by generating a true 3D representation of the talent from a video feed. The presenter becomes an actual 3D object embedded within the virtual set. 3D Presenter features:

  • Casts real shadows of the talent from virtual lights over virtual and real objects.
  • Allows for an interaction of the talent with 3D elements in the virtual set.
  • Adds volumetric lighting for selective illumination and colour correction of the talent, the lights interact in a realistic manner with the talent’s 3D volume.


Enables talents to move freely around the green screen theatre matching their movements within the 3D space. Presenters are allowed to move forward, backwards and sideways with precise perspective matching even though the real camera is in a fixed position.


Allows the triggering of events and animations just with the simple movement of the bare hands.

HandsTracking brings gestures to life, so presenters can trigger animations, graphics or data with a simple movement of the hands and without the need for any additional costly and complex tracking devices.

Selective defocus and bokeh

InfinitySet can even match the depth-of-field of the presenter with that of the scene. Using the real camera’s parameters, InfinitySet is able to create a selective defocus and bokeh effects on the virtual scene adding an even more realistic effect to the final rendered composition.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality requires the interaction between sets, talents and virtual objects, often created out of external data sources. These in-context data driven objects allow for visually engaging and better-explained representations of the data.

The combination of InfinitySet features makes Live projection mapping a straightforward application.

Motion Graphics

Infinity Set features a complete 2D/3D motion graphics toolset.

Also, Aston compositions, no matter how complex, can be included, controlled and edited within Infinity Set allowing for the creation of great quality programs with enhanced information.

  • Integrates Aston projects within the virtual set environment
  • Imports 3D files into the virtual set: .fbx, .obj, .dae, .3ds…

Software mixer

Infinity Set features a software-based Production Mixer Mode for enhanced production functionality such as full control of all the virtual cameras, with non-linear transitions such as Cut-Fade-Wipes and Flies between 3D cameras, plus controlling actions and objects.

Virtual Set Camera Controller

Infinity Set is fully compatible with Brainstorm’s Virtual Camera Controller, an external hardware that controls the Production Mixer Mode.

This hardware, also used by other Brainstorm solutions, is designed to further enhance the live production capabilities of  Infinity Set, allowing full control of cameras, transitions, actions and objects.

Turnkey solution

InfinitySet is delivered as a complete, turnkey system ready to use, fully and immediately integrable in any broadcaster’s workflow. Using standard broadcast plus complete IT connectivity, all Brainstorm products are prepared to work at its best since day one.

Brainstorm is a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions for broadcast, feature film production and corporate presentations. Brainstorm has more than 2,500 installations worldwide since being founded in 1993, including many of the world’s leading broadcasters plus numerous smaller and regional stations. For more information, visit http://www.brainstorm3d.com.