HoverCam Prepares Educators for New Learning Landscape at ISTE Live 21

HoverCam Will Demonstrate the Pilot X Ultimate Hybrid Learning Solution and Industry-Leading Document Cameras Built for Immersive Classrooms

SAN DIEGO — June 24, 2021 — HoverCam, an innovative technology leader in the education market, will showcase its education tools designed to enable digital equity and boost engagement in the classroom at ISTE Live 21 Conference, June 26-30. A Solutions Hub sponsor for the virtual event, the company will demonstrate the Pilot X Digital Teaching Station and its lineup of document cameras, including the Solo 8Plus, Duo, and Solo Spark II.

“Teachers are managing more classroom needs than ever before. After overcoming disruptions caused by quickly transitioning to remote and hybrid classrooms, they are now returning to in-classroom teaching while still being tasked with providing an equitable learning experience to every student,” said Bayley Pierson, director of marketing. “During ISTE we will demonstrate our solutions built based on continuous feedback from teachers to create an immersive learning and collaboration experience that doesn’t stop at the classroom. From our digital teaching stations to our newest document cameras, teachers will be able to flex their teaching skills in any environment with these convenient and easy-to-use tools in their toolbox.”

New Camera Solutions Designed for Educating All Students
For the first time, HoverCam will highlight new additions to its well-known document camera lineup. The new Duo document camera combines flawless 4K HDMI output with stunning full HD SuperSpeed USB output, simultaneously. Thanks to its dual output feature, the Duo can be connected to a projector or classroom display for the in-person students to see, while the students tuning in online will see Duo’s image through the USB connection to the instructor’s computer. Also on display will be the company’s new Solo Spark II document camera. An improvement from the original Solo Spark, the Spark II now comes with improved color and camera quality, while remaining at a cost-effective price. The compact yet mighty 4K Solo 8Plus features a small footprint, rugged metal design, and USB connectivity that allows teachers to carry it from room to room or home to classroom and set it up in seconds with a single USB cable. Teachers can record video in HD and show microscopic-level details with a max 480x zoom.

Equipped with HoverCam’s Flex 11 software, these document cameras completely reimagine the approach to this technology category. The software provides teachers with much-needed digital teaching tools, including whiteboard; annotation for images, live video, and recordings; the ability to show different content side by side or in four-way multi-split and take a snapshot of displayed material to build lessons and curriculum with ease; zoom into details; and more. Integrated with Zoom and compatible with many other video conferencing applications, including Google Hangouts Meet and Microsoft Teams, teachers can effortlessly share everything onscreen with students anywhere. It also features picture-in-picture functionality, which puts the teacher’s video camera feed on the same screen as the learning material so students can see their teacher and feel more connected.

Making In-Class Learning Effective, Effortless, and Fun
HoverCam’s Pilot X Digital Teaching Station is the ultimate in-class and hybrid learning solution for the untethered teacher. For the first time, teachers can write on their interactive panels without turning their backs to the class. Designed to drive teacher mobility, this mobile podium combines every essential classroom technology — a tablet computer, document camera, wireless screen casting system, mobile charging station, and classroom software — in one convenient, wireless station without all the frustrations and limitations of using a variety of incompatible solutions that take time to learn and use. Teachers can record audio, video, or their screen; launch video conferencing sessions with remote students; scan documents; show books and other materials; wirelessly cast content to the classroom display, projector, or interactive display; and much more. Not only can teachers do more from anywhere in the room, but they can also create an immersive and captivating learning experience for every single student, whether they’re in the front row, at the back of the classroom, or online.

More information on HoverCam and its full line of products is available at www.hovercam.com.

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About HoverCam
A technology leader in the education market, HoverCam delivers innovative presentation systems that keep learning environments engaging, interactive, and simple to operate. HoverCam reinvigorated the learning and teaching experience with the social learning interface ClassFusion, its family of CenterStage hyper-touch-capacitive, interactive flat panel displays, Pilot wireless digital teaching stations, the 13-megapixel Solo 8Plus document camera, and the Nillo 100 — the world’s first Android-powered, high-performance digital document camera. With integration in over 300,000 classrooms, HoverCam is focused on setting the standard for the 21st-century classroom with the most effective tools to help teachers and students thrive. More information can be found at www.hovercam.com.

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