HD Pro Guide Magazine Gives a Big Thank You to Tony Westman CSC, DGA, DGC and Live Webinar Participants

HD Pro Guide Magazine Gives a Big Thank You to Tony Westman CSC, DGA, DGC and Live Webinar Participants

HDProGuide.com and HD Pro Guide Magazine served as media sponsors for the live filmmaking webinar led by the award-winning director and director of photography, Tony Westman CSC, DGA, DGC. The live webinar, titled “Cinematography & Elements of Style: Effective Techniques for Elevating Your Visual Storytelling,” received the following feedback. We are immensely grateful and appreciative of the participants who took the time to share their thoughts and experiences regarding this webinar.

  • “Excellent experience.”
  • “Content was excellent. Transmission quality excellent. Deep bow.”
  • “First, thank you for putting this together. Much easier than heading into the city for this type of experience.”
  • “I really enjoyed it and found it to be very insightful. I am new to the filmmaking field and I was curious about it. So that’s why I joined and I look forward to future webinars and events! Thank you so much for hosting this!”
  • “A master of his art sharing his vision in a masterclass!”
  • “Loved the insights provided.”
  • “I enjoyed the commentary with the clips and still photos.”
  • “Tony is great!”
  • “I enjoyed it. Thank you very much for the in-depth information.”
  • “Enjoyed! Need to do it again!”

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