Fremantle Captivates and Engages Audiences with QuickLink StudioCall Remote Guests

HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS – JUNE 18, 2024 – Fremantle, a leading global creator and producer of entertainment/media content, has revolutionized remote guest capabilities with the adoption of QuickLink StudioCall solution for the popular Dutch talk show RTL Boulevard, which has aired since 2001 on the Dutch channel RTL4 (Part of RTL Group), 52 weeks per year.

 Produced by Fremantle, RTL Boulevard is the Netherlands’ top entertainment news program, broadcasting daily across linear and digital platforms to millions of viewers. Aired 365 days a year, Fremantle required an improved solution to implement high-quality, low-latency remote guests into their daily live talk shows. Having previously used a solution that was not fit-for-purpose, Fremantle turned to QuickLink StudioCall as a professional, solution for captivating and engaging viewers through remote guests.

“Fremantle’s core aim was to enhance the quality of remote connections with an easy-to-use solution,“ says Max Blaauw, Lead AI & Technology at Fremantle. “We started using QuickLink StudioCall at the start of the COVID pandemic, which was not the best time to implement technology, but we couldn’t have overcome the pandemic without it.”

Since RTL Boulevard is a daily live talk show, Fremantle required an efficient system that would allow operators to have the remote guest connections set up within minutes. Using the QuickLink StudioManager, Fremantle could easily send an invite via email, SMS or WhatsApp, and have the remote guest connected, tested and ready to join the live show using StudioCall in less than a minute.

Using QuickLink’s StudioCall, the remote guests can easily join through a web-browser on any device, with no apps or software installs required. Operators of the QuickLink StudioManager, a web-based management interface, have full remote operational control over the remote guest, including camera/microphone/speaker device selection, resolution, audio mode/gain, and more.

“StudioCall is incredibly user-friendly for both our guests and staff,” added Blaauw. “In our setup, our producers utilize StudioManager to invite guests, control guest devices, and maintain rooms. After a very short training, they all can use QuickLink perfectly, without the need for a technical engineer.”

Within the gallery, Fremantle has multiple QuickLink servers installed, providing professional outputs, such as HD-SDI and NDI, into their live production workflow.

“The QuickLink solution is used year-round for introducing remote callers, from all over the world. There is no better alternative for remote guests than QuickLink StudioCall,” says Max Blaauw. “We have successfully connected remote guests using a variety of connection methods, including Fiber, 4G/5G and SpaceX’s Starlink.”

Through adopting the award-winning StudioCall, Fremantle have modernized the remote guest experience for one of the Netherlands’ highest-profile live broadcasts. QuickLink StudioCall ensures RTL Boulevard can reliably and efficiently incorporate high-quality remote feeds from contributors anywhere in the world.

The QuickLink solutions were provided to Fremantle by VP Media Solutions, a Belgium-based media technology solution provider. VP Media Solutions focuses on delivering and implementing solutions that will provide their customers with a clear return on investment and add value to the content they offer.

For more information on QuickLink StudioCall, please click here. To learn more about StudioManager, click here.


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