IBC 2018 Exhibitor Product Spotlight: Farseeing Redhead Focusing Soft Light

Characteristics & Usage Scope:

The FD-R800 is non-lens, double-focus focusing soft light. It owns features of high illumination, even gradual-changing beam, evident light spot and flood, small&exquisite structure and aesthetic  configuration, convenient portability etc. It not only can be mix-used together with the FD Series  fluorescent lights but also can be comprehensively used in the medium and small film &TV studios, and it′s currently a particular star in the video field.

Characteristics of Structure:

Curve design in reflector complies with standard of USA UL1573-94 and IEC 598-1:1922. As interior wall of the reflector adopts high-pressure sand-blasting process, it makes light effici-ency much higher and distribution of casting aperture even softer. Each fitting of focusing part is of precise process, firm structure, aesthetic style, and smooth ad-justment. Illuminant socket complies with the international standard and could be compatible with equivalent bulbs of different brands around the world.

For more information, visit http://www.farseeingvideo.com.