Eyeheight Introduces AV-2M 2 x 1 Emergency Switcher

A new addition to the Eyeheight product range, the AV-2M is an SD-HD SDI emergency switcher which will perform clean switchover to a secondary source if the primary channel falls below user-adjustable parameters.

Designed for applications such as broadcast playout, the AV-2M provides continuous automatic monitoring for SDI carrier loss, video frozen/black, video format errors, audio loss, audio silence and audio format errors. Any combination of these conditions can be preset to operate a synchronous switch locked to the reference input.  A 1 video line window ensures clean transition to the secondary source. Each sensed condition has a user-adjustable duration. Audio silence, for example, can be set to 10 seconds before the switch operates; SDI carrier loss might typically be user-adjusted to 1 second. Recommended default settings are also provided. The unit has two IEEE-488 GPI inputs for switch overide and an IEEE-488 GPO output indicating the alarm state.

The AV-2M is equipped with primary and secondary inputs, a reference input and three outputs. A mechanical relay bypass can be used to switch from the primary input to output 1.

Up to six AV-2M modules can be housed in an Eyeheight FB-9E chassis. Front panel control or an RS-232 interface can be used to adjust individual parameters and monitor status. In addition to the onboard connections, the status of the unit can be monitored via TCP/IP and RS-422 connectors available on the Eyeheight FB-9E chassis. The FB-9E chassis version can also be controlled by a Java softPanel using optional browser software.

An audio loudness level conformance option is available for the AV-2M. This uses EBU-approved BS.1770 short term and momentary algorithms to control up to four stereo pairs on the embedded audio stream.

Fully compatible with 1080i/50/59.94, 1080p/23.976/24/25/29.97, 720p/50/59.84, 625/50 and 525/59.94 signal formats, Eyeheight’s AV-2M will be launched at BVE 2013, ExCel, London, 26-28 February. The company will be represented on stand J59 by Martin Moore and Linda Underwood.



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