Don’t Miss Tonight’s NYPV Meeting: Lighting Techniques for Videographers – Manhattan, New York

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Don’t Miss Tonight’s “Light Up My Life” NYPV (New York Professional Videographers) Meeting, 7:00pm-9:30pm

Lighting Techniques, Tips and Tricks for Videographers Tonight with Duane Sherwood and Lowel Lighting

* 1123 Broadway, Suite 307, Manhattan, New York

* Corner of 25th and Broadway

An evening of education and networking with Duane Sherwood and Lowel Lighting.

Register online now:

Topics Include:

* 4, 3, and 2 way interview lighting.

* How to ‘cheat’ using one light source so it looks like multiple lights.

* How and when to use reflectors, umbrellas, soft boxes, egg crates, practicals, and the exotic cucoloris for maximum effect.

* How to overcome different color temperature shooting conditions.

* The difference amongst tungsten, florescent and LED lights.

* How to evoke the mood you want by placing your lighting instruments in just the right spots.

* The NYPV April meeting will also devote some time to an ‘NAB wrapup.’

* A number of NYPV members will be able to give a ‘live and in person perspective.’

* This is an excellent Networking opportunity, so bring your business cards.

Sign up to attend:

Produced by NYPV.


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