Directional and contour light – two new products from broncolor

This month Broncolor presents two new products: the Focus 110 reflective umbrella provides strongly directional light; and the Softbox accessory Edge Mask provides an innovative way to create contours around an object.

Focus 110 Reflective Umbrella

The Focus 110 is a parabolic reflective umbrella. It has twelve segments and a silver reflective coating on the inside. With the Focus 110, the light can be strongly directed or very homogeneous. This enables the creation of a number of different lighting moods without the need for any additional equipment.

The reflective umbrella uses steel and high-quality fibre-glass ribs. This ensures optimum tension and excellent dimensional stability. This makes the accessory just as suitable for photography at outdoor locations as it is for studio shootings.

Its name, Focus 110, derives from the umbrella diameter: 110 cm. It has a depth of 40 cm.

The Focus 110 reflective umbrella is available from dealers immediately.

Edge Mask

The Edge Mask is an accessory for rectangular Softboxes. They are simply attached to the front of a Softbox with a velcro fixing.

The Edge Mask is made up of two parts: an entirely opaque rectangle and a translucent frame. The width of the frame depends on the size of the Softbox; which ranges between seven and 15 cm wide.

The effect of the dark central field is that the Edge Mask creates a contour light around an object. To achieve this, place the Softbox with pre-mounted Edge Mask directly behind the object. The translucent frame then illuminates the contours of the object while the background remains black. So that the light frame itself is not visible in a picture, exposures with a long focal length are recommended.

The Edge Mask is suitable for photographing both objects and portraits. The form of the image sensor is rectangular, so the Edge Mask is only suitable for rectangular Softboxes. These are available in four sizes, as follows: 35 cm × 60 cm, 60 cm × 100 cm, 90 cm × 120 cm and 120 cm × 180 cm.

Edge Masks too are immediately available from dealers.