Digital Nirvana Launches New Metadata Automation Platform for Avid Interplay

MetadataIQ SaaS Solution Automates Generation of Speech-to-Text and Video Intelligence Metadata, Increasing the Efficiency of Production, Preproduction, and Live Content Creation Services for Avid Users

FREMONT, Calif. — July 20, 2021 — Digital Nirvana, a provider of leading-edge media monitoring and metadata generation services, today announced MetadataIQ, a new metadata automation tool for content producers using the Avid media platform. A secure and scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, MetadataIQ offers off-the-shelf integration with Avid Interplay™ to automate the end-to-end process of generating speech-to-text and video intelligence metadata for Avid-based assets while automatically submitting media for transcription, captioning, and translations from within the existing workflow.

MetadataIQ allows operators to create and ingest different types of metadata — including speech-to-text, facial recognition, OCR, logos, and objects, each with customizable marker durations and color codes for easy identification — that can be accessed via the Avid MediaCentral™ environment. Editors simply type a search term within Interplay or MediaCentral, identify the relevant clip, and start creating content. For VOD and content repurposing, video intelligence metadata aids in product placement/replacement and accurately identifying ad spots.

The platform is the first to offer on-premises transcoding and intelligent extraction of audio files to generate speech-to-text transcripts. Users aren’t required to create a low-res proxy or manually import files into Avid MediaCentral. MetadataIQ automatically generates speech-to-text transcripts for file-based assets in addition to streaming speech-to-text transcripts from growing audio assets in real time. Operators have the option of sending transcripts to Digital Nirvana’s processing centers for high-quality, human-curated output, which is returned within Interplay.

MetadataIQ integrates directly with the company’s Trance platform for the generation of transcripts, captions, and translations in all industry-supported formats. In-house teams can submit files directly from their existing workflow and receive the output as sidecar files or ingest them directly back into Interplay as markers.

“By delivering complete automation over the generation and ingestion of relevant metadata as locators into Avid, MetadataIQ helps editors accurately identify relevant content to save time and effort. For example, we’ve had users report that the process of creating new content has been reduced from 15 hours to two hours,” said Hiren Hindocha, CEO, Digital Nirvana. “In addition, our platform replaces several traditional manual processes — from creating low-res proxies to submitting files to third parties for transcripts, captions, and translations — to increase the efficiency of production, preproduction, and live content creation processes.”

The MetadataIQ software can be installed on-site on a dedicated server or virtual machine with Digital Nirvana providing complete support for deployment. More information about Digital Nirvana and its products and services is available at

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About Digital Nirvana
Digital Nirvana is a global developer of knowledge management technologies that empower organizations to create, share, and mine actionable insights from electronic media. The company provides solutions for the generation and management of closed captions, subtitles, transcripts, translations, and metadata enrichment using advanced, AI-based technologies. This includes a suite of products and services to help media companies create content faster and assure quality and compliance at the time of distribution. Organizations worldwide rely on Digital Nirvana to improve scale and operational efficiencies, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and expand revenue streams. Digital Nirvana’s solutions deliver unmatched quality, proven versatility, and best-in-class performance to help organizations surmount difficult business challenges and drive rapid and profitable growth.

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Caption for Images: Digital Nirvana’s MetadataIQ is a secure and scalable SaaS solution offering off-the-shelf integration with Avid Interplay.

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Digital Nirvana Launches New Metadata Automation Platform for Avid Interplay