Digital Nirvana at NAB Show 2020

At NAB Show 2020, Digital Nirvana (Booth SU9505) will feature solutions that transform and streamline broadcast monitoring and content generation for today’s media companies. The company will demonstrate the game-changing capabilities of its Trance cloud-based transcription, captioning, and translation workflow, highlight the newest updates to its popular MonitorIQ broadcast-monitoring solution, and showcase enhanced options in the Metadator SaaS platform for metadata generation. Digital Nirvana will unveil new features for all three product offerings during the show.

Digital Nirvana Products at NAB Show 2020

Trance — Automated Cloud-Based Captioning and Text Localization Workflow
Digital Nirvana’s Trance is an enterprise-level, cloud-based transcription, closed captioning, and translation workflow that brings significant new efficiencies to captioning and subtitling workflows. With a cloud-based architecture, an integrated automatic speech-to-text (STT) engine, and an easy-to-use interface, Trance orchestrates, automates, and streamlines critical processes for new levels of accuracy, quality, and efficiency. Captions can be generated per presets to conform with style guides per the requirement of digital publishers.

Leveraging integration with an advanced STT engine, Trance automatically generates transcripts — in multiple languages, when needed — for every work item, delivering productivity improvements up to 50% compared to conventional desktop applications. Trance delivers further gains by centralizing workflows such as job allocation, caption edits, role assignment, report generation, and status monitoring for streamlined project management.

Trance’s easy-to-use browser-based interface speeds up the process of reviewing STT content, and the platform’s cloud-based architecture helps users access content from anywhere while eliminating the need for individual software installs and updates. Plus, Trance has the ability to ingest Avid assets directly for caption generation and/or metadata enhancement. Users can access media assets from cloud storage, Avid Media Central, SFTP, local servers, or via an API, and the final output can be automatically converted into multiple sidecar formats and sent to predefined destinations.

MonitorIQ — Robust Broadcast Monitoring
Digital Nirvana will demonstrate the next generation of MonitorIQ 7.0, compliance and broadcast monitoring system.

Monitor IQ 7.0 will feature one-touch access to content and associated metadata for fast content review, analysis, troubleshooting, and proof of performance. The advanced analysis includes a comparison of SCTE messages and deep-dive analysis of SCTE messages.

Content sharing and collaboration are maximized with new Clip and Share tools. Media and business analytics are immediately available for functions such as network uptimes, and automatic ad identification in competitor feeds.

The solution also boasts seamless integration with Digital Nirvana’s Media Service IQ, with the added benefit of AI-based cloud microservices that include transcript generation for ads and content, caption quality assessment, caption realignment, and video intelligence for objects, ads, logos, and facial recognition.

Metadator — Metadata-Generation Platform
Digital Nirvana’s Metadator is a secure, scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that automates the process of metadata generation for production, preproduction, and live content. At NAB Show 2020, Digital Nirvana will showcase Metadator’s off-the-shelf integration with Avid Interplay for the creation of automatic transcripts, labels for objects, faces, logos, and other metadata with locators for Avid users. The application, integrated with video intelligence, is also capable of on-screen text recognition, shot-change detection, and explicit content detection.

Metadator automates the entire process of metadata generation including transferring video data, creating low-res proxies, generating respective metadata along with markers, and ingesting it back into Avid, making the assets easily locatable. Automatically generated locators help editors search and identify content effortlessly within Avid and create content faster. Because Metadator enables users to maintain consistent metadata, it ensures relevant assets from archive or preproduction footage gets identified more efficiently and in turn facilitates faster production of content.

Company Overview:

Digital Nirvana delivers knowledge management technologies that empower media organizations worldwide to create content, automate the generation of captions, subtitles, and metadata, as well as monitor the delivery of broadcast media. Built on two decades of industry experience and equipped with next-generation capabilities, the company’s Trance and MonitorIQ, products harness best-of-breed video, audio, and AI technologies to drive new levels of speed, creativity, quality, and insight. Addressing the needs of modern broadcast media companies, these agile products scale to deliver high-impact services for organizations of all sizes, across all regions.

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