Cinegy transforms IP media network management with latest version of Route

Cinegy GmbH, the premier provider of software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation, and playout, has introduced software version 22.10 for Cinegy Route, the simple tool to manage media networks. Cinegy Route is the essential building block for IP-based infrastructures, providing a centralized directory for high volumes of content streams.

The new release brings dramatic advances, both in functionality and user experience. The code base has moved to a 64-bit architecture and makes much use of GPUs in the client workstations to boost power. The result is a completely revamped version of the popular utility, developed in response to user feedback.

Stream improvements include support for encrypted SRT sources, and the ability to play back live HEVC streams in the Cinegy Route preview player, giving any workstation confidence monitoring of any of the streams under its control. The release offers comprehensive support for secondary events, allowing them to be clean switched within the Cinegy Event Manager, under the control of Cinegy Route.

The user interface sees a complete transformation. It now has a high DPI mode for Ultra HD screens, making fine detail comfortable to view. UX improvements include more logical menu structures, “always on top” mode for Cinegy Route Browser, and useful functionality like a mute button in the player view and a double click to open or collapse player windows.

Daniella Weigner, CEO of Cinegy, said “Our users are building ever more extensive workflows in their IP networks, with large numbers of sources and destinations, transcoding and processing, audio shuffling and mixing and much more. They need a simple, intuitive way to keep track of everything and, with this new version of Cinegy Route, they have all the functionality they need on their workstations, in a form which is completely intuitive to use.

“We freely admit that Cinegy Route is regarded as a utility, a way to gain access to the functionality in our more glamorous products,” she continued. “But it is still important that we make it operate the best way we can, so that our users can get on with the business of running their content workflows quickly, efficiently and securely.”

Cinegy Route version 22.10 has been available for download since 1 December. It is available to all users under their existing licences.