Cine Gear Expo 2015: Finalists for the Film Series and Competition

To be screened on Thursday, June 4th from 12:00 Noon to 8:30pm. Winners announced at the Awards Reception. Learn more about the Film Series and buy tickets.

Indy Shorts:

“Winter Light”

Director: Julian Higgins

DoP: Andrew Wheeler


Director: Alexander Vo

DoP: John Lazear

“Cowboys and Dissidents”

Director: Will Maloney

DoP: Denis Maloney, ASC

“The Red House”

Director: Jiaqi Lin

DoP: Donald M. Morgan, ASC

“Day for a Home”

Director: Corwin Garber

DoP: Corwin Garber

“Cindy’s New Boyfriend”

Director: Robert Brinkmann

DoP: Robert Brinkmann

“The Crop”

Director: Will Halas

DoP: Drew Ganyer

Commercials / Music Videos

“Bad Dream”

Director: Jeffrey Hart

DoPs: Jeffrey Hart, Oliver Bukowsky, Jesse Smith

“Nike 5.0 Determination”

Director: Andrew Fallon

DoP: Gareth Paul Cox

“Brand Yourself / Live your Purpose”

Director: Eric Mendoza

DoP: Mike Eaton

“Eldur A Himni – Fire in The Sky”

Director: Boris Schaarschmidt

DoP: Boris Schaarschmidt

“Hillside by Lost Children”

Director: Richard Joneleit

DoP: Christine Ng

Student Short Finalists:


Director: Diego Andres Londono

DoP: Jordan Black

New York Film Academy


Director: Dima Otvertchenko

DoP: Will Jobe

USC School of Cinematic Arts


Director: Allison Eckert

DoP: Daniella Novitz

American Film Institute

“Day One”

Director: Henry Hughes

DoP: Kee Kyung

American Film Institute

“Murphy’s Law”

Director: Alexander Fichera

DoP: Dave Cortez

Chapman University

“Against Night”

Director: Stefan Kubicki

DoP: Nico Navia

AFI Conservatory