ChyronHego’s Paint 8.1 Is Now Shipping

New Release Introduces Groundbreaking New Functionality for Live Sports Production

STOCKHOLM — Feb. 5, 2020 — ChyronHego is now shipping Paint 8.1, the newest release of the company’s powerful sports analysis and telestration tool. Thanks to innovative updates in version 8.1, Paint gives broadcasters the unprecedented ability to record and play out a multicamera ultra-high-definition (UHD) panoramic video stitch and then manipulate it using full pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) control. H.264 streaming and enhanced remote access and control capabilities are among the other new updates that further boost Paint’s value in enriching sports analysis and production.

“Paint was already the market leader in telestration, and with new functionality in version 8.1, we’ve totally revolutionized telestration,” said Niall Hendry, product manager – sports at ChyronHego. “Delivering full PTZ control of a multi-UHD panorama, Paint 8.1 takes things to the next level.”

Paint empowers sports broadcasters and coaches to leverage video and graphics to improve player and team performance. The software-based system offers a feature-rich set of easy-to-use telestration tools for graphically enhancing and highlighting video.

Paint 8.1 builds significantly on the capabilities of Paint 8.0, which delivered an all-new user experience and a completely overhauled graphics set. The ability to combine outputs from multiple UHD cameras to create a multi-UHD stitch and placing full PTZ and playback control in the hands of operators is a transformational addition to Paint. Version 8.1 offers several other critical capabilities that enhance telestration for live sports broadcasts. Updates to Paint style, user interface, and features include the following:

• AllCam Stitch & Control — Designed to optimize creative flexibility, AllCam Stitch & Control allows Paint users to reframe and focus on the field in ways previously not feasible for tighter replays and play coverage. Controlling the UHD camera stitch with a joystick, replay telestration operators become virtual camera operators who can view any point on the field at any time — and exert total control over the broadcast-quality output.

• H.264 Streaming — Video REST API control facilitates the streaming of Paint’s output via H.264 over any network. With support for multiple playout endpoints over the network, Paint 8.1 is an even more flexible solution for live streaming of enhanced sports content.

• Web Remote App — Remote access and control via web-ready HTML5-based interface allows for simplified touchscreen control, in turn supporting more interactive talent-driven telestration on tablets or remote workflows.

• New User Experience Optimized for Ease of Use — With Paint’s new user interface, operators are able to create larger quantities of high-quality content and deliver it to air much faster than competing solutions.

• New GFX — A completely overhauled graphics (GFX) package adds sophistication to Paint while making it easy to adapt all of the software’s graphics to align with the user’s preferred look and feel.

• New Timeline — Unique timeline functionality in Paint 8.1 makes it simpler than ever to create great-looking multilayered presentations, and to generate this content faster than ever.

• Intelligent Automatic Chroma Keyer — Based on the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the automatic chroma keyer built into Paint 8.1 drastically reduces the complexity of working with keyed graphics, especially when dealing with challenging and changing conditions, such as shadows on parts of the pitch or court.

• Convenient Data Display — Ancillary data for clips and footage now can be viewed on a secondary output when Paint is used as the replay device.

• Publishing to Social Media — Single-click publishing in Paint 8.1 makes it a snap to publish content to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

• New 3D Tools — Multiple new 3D tools build on the already rich feature set within Paint’s telestration toolbox.

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